Corbyn’s Labour – The death of Blairism

As an ardent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s resounding victory on September 12th, I have been extatic with the new labour leader’s following. He is bringing what would have been seen as decent humane politics in the pre-Thatcher years back into the mainstream. And after 35 years of ‘trickle-down economics’ there has been no trickle down, it has failed.

Corbyn’s victory has highlighted how Britain is fed up of the way our society us run today. A society ready to prey off of the weakest and most vulnerable, demonise the most needy and impoverished and funnel all they can into business and banks claiming the money will be in our pockets soon enough. There is no money in our pockets, our society has yet to see this money.

Corbyn’s policy would be to sidestep the middleman of the banker and give the money to the consumer, who is actually more likely to use it in the economy and less likely of storing it in an offshore bank account.

Corbyn has drummed up a mass off support and been able to galvanize a politically unseen part of the electorate. This gives him a massive mandate on Labour, a party for the people. But the PLP (Parlimentary Labour Party) is going against their new leader, saying they will appose him. By all means, rebel, but when combatting a vile and disgusting government, the PLP, need to understand who is their real opposition and get behind Corbyn in opposing the Tories.

We have seen the death of blairism in the labour party. This has come to a shock to the career politicians in the PLP, but Corbyn’s mandate overrules any of their opposition to him, the party for the people should really respect the will of the people.

Labour, get your act together, brush yourself off and let’s get the Tories out of number 10. Only through strong, stable opposition can you ever wish of getting there. 


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