Austerity – The Lie

This country seems to be full of cuts. Cuts to tax credits, cuts to welfare payments, and cuts to the wages of many public sector workers. People are getting less out of the system, making them worse off and making sure that they stay within their social bracket. All due to the iron fist of George Osborne.

This iron fist obvioulsy does not extend to his rich friends in the city, who after being bailed out by the taxpayer, continue to take, take, take from our economy. With the decrease of corporation tax, essentially, the cuts on needy people who rely on child tax credits, are paying towards the gap that is left behind by giving the businesses more money.

The government has a duty to the country, to it’s people, a duty that they are taking absolute advantage of. They seem to think their duty lies with the businesses and banks, and making sure that they continue to exell. Through quantitative easing of the banks (which involves printing money and giving it to the banks) we give nearly a third of our GDP to banks. In 2010, the government cancelled a scheme to rebuild 715 schools, their excuse was that they had no money. However at the same time they were funneling £375bn into the banks. How is this justifiable? Why did the government give them the vast amounts of money (of which could have massively eliviated the recession) to banks over spending on needy and less well off people. It was because these cuts are not “neccesary cuts”, they are ideological cuts driven by the want to incite class war.

We are being lied to by the malicious elitist Tories. They have climbed up the social ladder, and now they wish to push it down behind them. These cuts are the conservative way of punishing us for not being rich. How can we stand by and watch everything that came out of the post-war leftwing governments, be trampled on in the name if austerity. Our NHS, our social security system, the pension system, all things that were created for the people, by the people. Institutions that were paid for and thrived during a time of crisis after the war, with a defect that eclipses the one we have today. Government spending was what got us out of that crisis, so how can the Tories justify their ideologically driven austerity? We sit by and let the Tories destroy our establishments that have become synonymous with Britain. This is wrong and they should be held to account.

In the next election, the country will have to decide. Do they want to let the Tories continue their class war and push down the social ladder, or do they want a government that will stand up for the people in our society and not allow the poorest in our society to take the brunt of the Tory ideology and have to resort to food banks. Let’s make a change, and stop the conservative class war machine. Now, before we loose what our relatives gave us.


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