Corbyn – Conviction Politician

Today, Jeremy Corbyn kicks off his first Labour party conference with him as leader. Be ready for a bombardment from the mainstream media against him. The establishment is scared and running from Corbyn’s movement, they do not know how to tackle him, because he is a flawless politician, who speaks truth not spin.

For years, the establishment has run our country, funding politicians and churning out right wing propaganda. These days are coming to an end. Jeremy Corbyn is not this end, but he is a means to it. Through him, the debate can change from one ‘business friendly’ politician to another one, to a truthsayer to a group of unrepresentative, careerist liars.

The wealthiest five families in the UK, own 20% of our wealth between them. How can we as a country function when we see this sort of inequality. The Tories are scamming the country, they are destroying our country, and if we look at the destitution in our country, they are the threat to our national security, not Corbyn. One million families use food banks because they can’t afford to eat. Unemployment is a Tory goal for people, allowing them to create a scapegoat to justify their ideologically driven cuts. Cuts are destroying the public sector and the NHS is at a critical position in it’s life. These, and many other problems, need solving. We can not go on any longer allowing the establishment to use our politicians as puppets, adhering to their every word. We need some conviction in politics. We need more people like the leader of the opposition.

The UK is in a social crisis, a crisis caused by the ideologically driven cuts by the government. They want class war. They want a race to the bottom, and there is only one place we will all end up if we finish that race, the bottom. Let’s give them a fight. Let’s be a party of real political opposition. Let’s show our country how we can become an equal and happy society without the destitution brought by the Tories. We need solidarity and truth to combat their malice and lies.


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