We have the foundations – now let’s build.

After watching Question Time on Thursday, I lost a bit of hope in Labour, thinking that they would be unable to galvanize the public both in Scotland and in England. The reception that Dugdale got from the audience was cold, it was sceptical and it was not very hopeful for Scotland. However, we have seen a massive change in politics. We have seen something new. Something that Britain is not used to. We have seen a politician rise to power from nothing. Not through lies, not through deception, but through truth.

It is something that I can see people being sceptical about. I can see why people will be weary of this change. We as a country are so used to lies, to deception. This is shown through the public’s reaction to the deception over the tax credit cuts. David Cameron lied to the public. But the public seem to have allowed it. There was a sense that it was expected that they would lie to us. This just shows the state our political system is in. We accept the politics of lies and cheats, but are sceptical about the politics of truth and hope.

The only way we can bet this. The only way that we as a country can reject being deceived, is to build a movement that represents truth and hope. The foundations of this movement have been laid through the ascension of Corbyn on a platform of a kinder politics. We need to build upon these foundations, before the people who represent these lies try to destroy our movement from those very foundations.

Let’s get behind Jeremy, let’s represent hope and kindness. We need more people to get involved in every part of our country from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to East Anglia. We need support. We need help. And we need hope and kindness to drive our movement. Let’s not allow our movement to be destroyed by those who have a vested interest against it. We need to lead a movement of unity against their movement of division. Let’s support a man who wants to support us. Let’s build on the foundations of Jeremy’s leadership. Let’s show them that our strength, our unity, can defy their lies.


They won’t stop. We are still getting these cuts!

After being unable to get an answer out of the Prime Minister yesterday, people are still worried about whether they will still be worse off next year due to their tax credits being cut. It seems that today, the Conservative backbenchers have come to Mr Cameron’s rescue by going against the bill, showing that it will still make these people worse off.

It is strange that i find myself in agreement with a Tory on this matter, but i do agree. The conservative party has ‘lost its way’ on this, and i believe that Cameron and Osborne know this too. They have a big dilemma. They either go ahead with their ‘reforms’ to tax credits, and face the wrath of the public. Or they do a U-turn and don’t institute these cuts, and face the wrath of the media. Osborne says that he is in listening mode, but it does not seem so. Listening to who, to the public? Obviously not, he still wants to go through with these cuts but wants to spread it out over a longer period. This will still mean that people will be less off, it will still take away much-needed tax credits from the most vulnerable in our society. Introducing it over a longer time will only make it less visible. But it will still be horrific.

The Conservatives have now adopted the strategy of saying that they ‘need’ to find 4.4bn pounds from somewhere in the welfare bill. But they don’t. Why does it have to be from the welfare bill? why can’t they stop giving handouts to the richest in our society, and start providing for the poorest? We have a system that punishes the poor for being poor, and awards the rich for being rich. These awards come through letting companies get away with not paying tax. Money that our people deserve, money that we need. over 30 bn pounds could be raised if we just made companies pay their tax. If we really needed money, as Osborne says, then why is he not making these companies pay their fair share. Instead he is decreasing corporation tax by enough to fund everyone’s university fees four times. It is a betrayal to those people who need help most, that we allow our government to punish them for being poor. Poverty is not a lifestyle choice, it is not a decision. And the reason for the high welfare bill is because of the lack of government intervention to help these people.

John McDonnell was right when he explained that housing benefit is so high because we fail to build enough council houses. Not only that but we fail to crack down on exorbitant rents and the fact that there are 300,000 properties uninhabited throughout our country. Tax credits are so high because pay is so low. Pay is so low because the government allows employers to exploit their workers. Zero-hours contracts and unstable jobs means that people are unable to ask for a higher wage in fear they may lose their jobs. And the government’s implementation of the trade union bill is weakening any chance of better pay and in work rights for workers. The government does have the ability to stop this, but chooses not to. They are choosing to take 4.4bn out of the economy. The reason that unemployment bills are so high is because our government has chosen not to invest properly in our economy. The choice to allow the de-industrialisation in the north and elsewhere. These are why we have a bloated welfare bill. And just as the Tories always do, they blame the poor for being poor and not the system that they preside over. A system that funds the richest on the backs of the poorest. That disregards the most vulnerable in our society in order to ‘balance the books’ (something Osborne has absolutely failed at with the doubling of the deficit since 2010). I say that we should run a country for people before profit. Where caring for individuals comes before propping up exploitation. Where we don’t let people rely on food banks to get by. Where the people at the top pay their fair share and stop blaming the poor for their woes.

The conservatives are going to go through with this tax credit cut, whatever we say. They will make sure that the people at the bottom of our society will carry on propping up the people at the top. We should be saluting these people who do all that we as of them, not destroying them. The Conservatives are a threat to our national security, they will continue to be until they realise that a government that makes workers pay, can never claim to make work pay. David Cameron’s assault on poverty has become a crusade on the poor. We need to oppose the whole idea of these cuts. We don’t just need them to be spread over a longer timeframe, we want them to go. However long it takes the government to institute them, they will still punish the poor. Let’s stop the government’s ideologically driven cuts, and let’s oppose their upward distribution of wealth.

Why can’t our Prime Minister answer our questions?

Not only was today a victory for Jeremy Corbyn, but it was a victory for the people of Britain. We have a government that is doing all it can to take part in the distribution of wealth. A distribution of taking from the poorest and most needy, and giving it to the wealthiest and most greedy. They call this Austerity. They say that our country has to save money, they say that we are living beyond our means, they say that they have to make ‘hard decisions’ in order to help our country. Lies, deception and utter greed. Their first attempt to institute this upwards distribution of wealth was the tax credit cuts that were unjustly pushed through the commons and amazingly defeated in the Lords. This was obviously a way of punishing the working poor for being poor. However, after the defeat of this bill by the peers, the government chucked their toys out of the pram and have decided to institute the cuts to tax credits in a ‘different’ way. People who rely on these tax credits, who do all that is asked of them are still in the dark, they are still scared that they will be pushed into destitution through these cuts. Jeremy Corbyn attempted to ask the Prime Minister, on behalf of these people, if they will still be worse off next year, when these cuts are introduced. But why did David Cameron not answer?

Jeremy Corbyn asked Cameron six times if these tax credits would still make people worse off next year, and to all of these questions, Cameron chose not to answer. He went on about all the other things that could help people who will be affected and even made a few digs at Corbyn himself in an attempt to divert the question. But Corbyn stuck to it and was relentless in asking this what should be simple and easy question. Corbyn has shed light on the shadow that now remains. Will the government listen to the people and stop oppressing the most vulnerable in our society, or will he carry on and help destroy these people’s livelihoods and push them into deeper poverty?

Cameron’s science says all. He knows that the Tories still plan to go through with this unjust policy. He has seen what the media have done when he lied about not cutting tax credits before the election so he is keeping his mouth shut. He will not say that people will not be worse off next year because he knows they will and he does not want to give the media any more ammunition. Cameron is a liar, he is a cheat, and he is not fit to be our Prime Minister. Jeremy Corbyn hammered Cameron today, showing that truth can prevail over Tory spin. But the problem i had with PMQs today was the Conservative’s absolute disrespect of Corbyn. Shouting over him, jeering at him and acting like absolute kids, these are meant to be people who represent us. They are a shame on Britain. The Tories are so smug after they won this year’s election, they do not see that it will be their demise.

Corbyn may be quite a marmite leader, but Cameron is just as bad. The latest polls said that net 10% of people agree Jeremy Corbyn should be gone by 2020, something the media can’t stop telling us about. However, in the same poll net 8% say that Cameron should be gone by 2020. This shows that Cameron is unpopular too. As for Corbyn’s unpopularity, there has been a great change in politics after Corbyn’s victory. A change that people are still trying to get used to. Corbyn is not the most liked Labour leader, but his support is growing, whatever the media say. The same poll also says that the voting intention of the public that they surveyed was 35% for the Tories, but 35% also for Labour. This is astonishing, Labour are close to the Tories, closer than they were before the election, d not trust the media. Furthermore 57% of people polled were dissatisfied with the way the government is running our country, against 38% who are satisfied. In addition to this, when asked if they are satisfied with David Cameron’s leadership of our country, 51% were dissatisfied with just 42% satisfied.

We should not rely on polls, but if they are being used against us, we may as well use them back. However, Labour still has a long way to go until the next General election. Today was a victory for Labour, showing that yet again, they are the party for the working people, not the Tories. David Cameron did not answer Corbyn’s question today because he knew that what he is going to do will destroy the working poor, and he can’t lie again. But he is, he does and he will, and it is our job to make sure that we show the public what is really going on. That we show the that the Tories are distributing wealth from the poor, to the wealthy, making the poor poorer and the rich richer. All at the expense of our people. David Cameron’s promises to our country are false, just like his party’s want to be the party for the working people. They are not making work pay, only making the workers pay. These liars need to be held to account for what they are doing.

Was the Lords standing up for the people really ‘unconstitutional’?

Yesterday’s defiance by the House of Lords against the tax credit cuts was a triumph for democracy. But it was also a bit of a failure. THe fact that we have to rely on an unelected house to stand up for the working people in our society is quite bad. However, the Lords seem to have been very courageous in defeating the government knowing the implications that were threatened by Osbourne and Cameron before the votes. The lords used to be the Tory heartland, but now it seems to be their undoing. The Conservatives are in shock that such a thing could have happened to their plans. They are in disarray, they don’t know what to do. So they try to make the Lords’ choice to oppose these rancid views illegitimate. Their way of doing this is by calling the decision ‘unconstitutional’. But is the defeat of the government really ‘unconstitutional’?

Firstly, we need to look in how this bill was put forward. The bill was pushed through as a ‘statutory institute’. This is essentially a way of Governments getting policies through quickly and usually quite easily. However, a statutory instrument also has every right to be stipulated over by the Lords. There were other options that would have allowed the Government to implement their plans without the Lords’ stipulation, but they would have taken time. The Government could have introduced these policies through an act, or they could have put it into the budget. If they had done this, then they would have sidestepped the Lords, but it would have to have gone through the legislative back and forth in the commons and elsewhere that acts usually do. However, the government chose to put it through as a statutory instrument, they knew the risks, and now they have to deal with those said risks.

This highlights the Conservatives sheer deception on this matter. They knew that they were going to do this right from the start. THey knew that they had lied when Michael Gove and David Cameron said specifically that they would not do this. The only way that this would get through in their eyes was if it was done under the nose of the public, in a fast and easy way. The statutory institute provides this fast and easy way, and they had no other reason to pose these cuts this way other than to implement it as quick as they can, to try to do it under our noses. The real constitutional crisis was that the government was allowed to let a policy that was not in their manifesto through the commons.

The Clerks of parliament have also said that there is nothing unconstitutional about the amendments voted for yesterday by the peers. The clerks being the people who actually know what the constitution is, not the politicians who are crying wolf over this. Even the speaker of the commons came out today and said that there was no unconstitutional activity in these amendments, and that it is just people’s personal opinions that are against them. Should we rely on the government for our facts on the constitution, serial lairs and deceivers? Or should we alternative rely on the people whose job it is to decide what is and is not constitutional, and do not have a ulterior motive in politics?

Whatever happens now, whatever the Tories do to punish the peers who stood up for the most vulnerable in our society, we need to stand by the Lords. As hard as it is for me to say, but without them, people would be in absolute destitution and would have suffered at the hands of the Tory government we have now. What is unconstitutional is the fact that the Lords will be punished for doing exactly what they are there for. WHy else would the bill have been put through the lords if they did not have a choice on the matter?

Yesterday was a victory for the people. However, we should not gloat, the Tories are still ready to cripple us, to destroy us, more so than before. We need to make sure that we carry on opposing them, not only in Westminster, but on social media, in the streets and through every medium we can. Let’s not pat ourselves on the back yet. We still have a few more years before we can do that.

The Lords now represent the working people? The irony!

The House of Lords is something i think we do not need, It is something i think is wrong, and does not reflect the public. They are an unelected chamber who have the ability to shape, change and reject bills that come from the commons. However, my thoughts on the Lords have been challenged today.

When watching the Commons debate the Tax credit cuts, i was given some hope for our political establishment, i saw Conservatives standing up for the working people, telling their own leaders that in putting this bill through, they were no longer ‘compassionate Conservatives’. I saw Labour doing what it should and speaking out against the injustice the Tories were putting on the poorest and most vulnerable. But, when the vote came in no Tory had voted against this bill, and even some Labour MPs abstained. I lost all hope in our political establishment. I lost all hope in how our politicians represent us. This bill was passed, and the only hope we had to destroy it, was the House of Lords.

The House of Lords have voted to send it right back to the government, marking a victory for all of us who want equality and justice in our country. The bill will not be able to be processed through within three years, meaning that this bill has been destroyed and the motions from the Labour lords have won.

In some ways this is tragic. What does it say of our establishment when it seems that the non-elected lords are standing up for the working people, where parliament is not? The government have failed, but it is not because of the PLP, it is because of the Lords. The lords debate on this bill was immensely interesting, with points being made from either side saying the truth about what this bill is. A punishment to the working families who do everything they are asked. A punishment that they told would never happen, a lie from the Tories that they used to deceive their way into power. These are things that I would expect from the commons, not necessarily the lords. It therefore seems to me that we have a massive problem within our system. The Government would have been able to implement this motion if it were not for the lords, an institution that I think should be destroyed. There is a massive irony in this.

However, looking on the bright side. The working families of Britain. The people who work hard and get little. The people who do all they can to get by, but are still scraping by. The people who stand up to injustice, inequality and fear. All these people have won today. We have won against the Government. We have won against the Labour abstainers. And we have won against Osbourne and Cameron. There was a crisis today, and it was not the constitutional one that the Tories were ranting about. There was a crisis in the fact that this bill – that would have destroyed people’s lives, people’s hope and people’s futures – was able to get so far. The government have been denied the ability to do this. But only because of an unelected house. Only because of something that most people think should be abolished spoke up.

It is a major victory for Labour too however. They now have successfully opposed the government, with help from many others. They are now the real opposition party and it is great. However, the PLP still had many MPs defy the Labour whip. They were still unable to block this from going through the commons. We need to see the PLP get into line, or we need some of them to be put out on the line. We need the PLP to realize that Jeremy is leader now, and changing that fact now will only lose you support, me being someone who would leave the party if this were to happen. Get yourself into line, because without a strong, united opposition, the Tories will win in 2020. Not because of Corbyn or McDonnell, but because of your inability to accept the fact that the people have spoken.

We may have received a victory from the lords, we may now have an opposition to the present government, but at what cost? The Tories are vindictive, malicious and vengeful people. They will not simply back down. They will never allow us to get away with this and we will be punished. We need to get ready. we need to prepare ourselves of four years of this punishment. We need to stand together in unity and solidarity to fight the tory rhetoric. We have established ourselves as an oposing force to the tory agenda of fear, hate and social divide, now let’s carry on opposing.

Why I chose Labour; And maybe why you should too

I have recently joined the Labour party after the victory of Jeremy Corbyn. I had before this been a Green party supporter, but wanted to support labour. I had been brought up in a very strong Labour household, but what my family had said Labour stood for (or used to stand for), was not what I saw. I saw a party that appeared not to be the party that puts the workers before the rich, but a more moderate version of the Conservatives. I did like a few of Labour’s policies, the plan to get rid of zero hours contracts being one of their more admirable ideas. However, I felt like they did not represent me, they did not put my needs, and the needs if the people around me, at the centre of their campaign. The Greens were the only option, they really represented what I stood for, what I thought was the way our country should be run. They represented equality, kindness and hope, whereas the Conservatives and Labour provided austerity, lies and fear. This vision that my family had portrayed to me about Labour did not mirror what I saw as the Labour party before May 2015.

I may have been brought up in a very politically biased environment, but I have made my own decision on what I think the purpose of politics should be. And to me, that is equality and justice. Very subjective words but when I look around at the society today, I see inequalities that are totally despicable, I see the most vulnerable being made even poorer and the richest being rewarded. I see a gender pay gap that is just unfathomable to me. And I see growing tensions between countries, cultures, races and religions. I, therefore, looked for a party that would do the best job at destroying inequality and making sure that our society was a society for us all to be proud of. Labour did not offer this prospect.

Politics seemed to be a game for some. A way that they could play about with people’s lives, help their friends and influence people. A game that was only played by the establishment. I saw this as a major problem that our society had to deal with. When listening to speeches from the Conservatives, I was once reduced to tears by how much they were allowed to do, How much they want to do, and how much they will do if they are not stopped. I, myself am not well-off, but I am not less-off. I have the privilege of growing up in a house that my parent’s own, with no debts and stable jobs. It is a privilege that I try not to take for granted. When I see people who do not have these privileges and will never be able to have these privileges, I see a failing government. A failing system that only seeks to harm these people, not help them. The Conservative policies have destroyed people’s lives, people’s hopes, and their futures. I needed something that stood against this, that stood for equality and wanted social justice. Labour never offered this.

When the election results came in, I was devastated. I was in shock. I saw a country that was about to be broken, that was about to be stretched to its limits. I saw a society where the inequalities will only widen and the lies will only increase. I lost hope in our country, and I lost hope in politics. I distanced myself from politics from then, thinking that there is nothing we can do now. Thinking that the country had made the worst decision for a generation. I think we all knew what was to follow the election of a Tory majority government, class war. I swore to myself that as soon as I could, I would leave the country and get out while I still can.

My disillusion from politics did not last for long however. One day, when reading the Guardian, I heard that there was someone emerging from the Labour leadership race. Someone who represented something very rare in politics. Equality, justice, kindness and hope. His name was Jeremy Corbyn.

After this, I became absolutely galvanised by him, he was something different. He was a change that I thought the country needed. A change for the good, a change for hope and a change for some real opposition. I followed what he was saying and what he was planning. I listened to every speech I could. I even learned ‘The Red Flag’. I was now what people like to call, a Corbynite.

When Corbyn won the leadership, again, I became very teary. I saw something. Something I did not understand, but I was excited for. Something I was scared of, but I knew we needed. I saw the start of something. The start of change. Politics was no longer dominated by the rich playing games with the poor, it had a man who tries to stick up for the poorest and most vulnerable. I have been a member of the Labour party ever since and I never will regret this choice.

Now politics is something i see as a force that can be used for good. A force that can allow us all to prosper. A force that will only work, if we all get behind it. Corbyn is representing hope instead of fear, the many instead of the few and equality instead of injustice. He is a man who does not uses lies as a political tool, does not use spin and does not take any bait from the media. He is principled, determined and is an inspiration to all of Britain.

However, people are still living in vile conditions. People still do not have the privileges that I, and many others take for granted. They are still being hit by the Tory ideology, they are still in need of a real change. We need everyone and anyone who agrees in equality, justice, hope and kindness, to join us. To join us in a battle that will define a generation. A battle of ideologies of hope against the ideology of fear. A battle of straight-talk instead of spin. A battle of the many against the few.

We need you to join us against the Tories. We need to show them that they do not represent us. We need more members, we need more support, we need more help. It is going to be hard to fight the establishment, but they are already scared. Should we split in the face of our oppressors? Or should we stand together in a show of strength, kindness and hope, to fight the cuts, to fight the inequality, and to fight the ideology of spin and fear? We need you to join us. Because without your backing, Labour can never survive.

Our Steel Industry: Let’s learn from past mistakes

I am disgusted by how our government has dealt with the collapse of our steel industry, hor how it has not dealt with it. It seems that the Tories are not even bothered by it at all. They should not make the same mistakes of the past with the collapse of these industries. They need to stand up for our steel workers, they need to stop the decimation of these industries. And they need to do it now.

The Tories say they are the party for the working people, they say that they are the job creators, they tell us Britain is now a ‘jobs factory’, yet they still allow a vital industry to be destroyed, and their workers to lose their jobs. It is an outrage.

China seems to be the major problem, with its dumping of exports into our economy satirising the market. This is pushing demand down, especially demand for British steel, that is unable to compete with chinese prices. It is an economic cycle, in markets, demand slumps, and booms and carries on doing so until the end of time. We are experiencing a major slump. We are seeing a slump that is seemingly taking our entire steel industry with it. The government’s non-action is a disgrace. The steel market is not gone, it will still be there when our industry has gone. The market will strengthen, and demand will rise. But Britain will no longer be in this market. It will no longer be able to use this industry to make money, to create jobs and to make steel. Just as we are still using coal now, just as we are still using ships, these vital industries were also destroyed, and their markets have recovered, and we will no longer be able to benefit from them.

The government needs to nationalize this industry, making sure that the factories do not close, the jobs are not lost and we retain a vital industry. Yes, i used the N word. It does not have to keep the industry forever, it could always keep it through the ad times and then give it back in the good. Not what i would recommend but it is a compromise with the tory agenda of privatising everything that moves. We need to keep these steelworkers under our wing and we need to keep this vital industry.

The objection to this is that if we nationalised it, it will cost the taxpayer money. It will, but the country will benefit in the end from having a workable steel industry and also keeping the jobs that are being lost. Not enough? Well let’s look at how we effectively nationalised the banks and funneled 500bn pounds into them. This cost each UK taxpayer 2,000 per head, but we still did it. We saved our financial system and now we are getting ready to privatize it again, a bad move if you ask me. Also, we invested 1 billion into farmers in 2001 through compensation from foot and mouth, making some farmers overnight millionaires. These are industries where government has intervened in order to help the industry, so why is it not helping our steel industry now?

With the UK now apparently having its nose shoved firmly between China’s backside, it can not get a whiff of this crisis. China is a major cause of this problem, with its illegal dumping on our markets. We are letting them get away with it by inviting their leader here and trying to seduce him to invest into our country. Not only are we letting them get away with it, but we are allowing them to own our power and our infrastructure as well. It is a betrayal on the steel workers that Britain is not helping them and is instead brown-nosing the human rights abusers from China. We need to abandon these plans with China and demand no more dumping into our markets.

The Conservatives are ignorant to this crisis, they are doing nothing. They promise to create more jobs, but they allow these jobs to be destroyed, they allow people to be chucked out and become homeless. We need to stand up for this industry, an industry that will come back, if we give it time. He is allowing these jobs to be lost on the basis that there will be more jobs soon is ludicrous. Nationalize the industry, let’s get the government to save these jobs, not allow them to disappear.

Working class Tories – The worst kind of Tory?

on Thursday, Nadhim Zahawi, a Conservative MP, set out to convince us that the cuts to tax credits are a good idea. On Question Time, he spoke about the usual Tory spin on these cuts, saying that Britain is now a ‘Jobs factory’ going on to say that the Conservatives want a ‘High wage, lower welfare and low tax economy’.

For a start, let’s look at the steel industry. The Government’s incompetence to help the industry with the shadow of china behind them has led to jobs being destroyed and people being left without any hopes for the future. definitely a ‘Jobs factory’

On the usual ‘High wage’ economy, the conservatives’ ‘living’ wage is not a living wage, it is a disgrace, therefore people are not going to have this High wage economy as the wages they are set to have are not even enough to live on. Furthermore, i doubt the workers in the decimated steel industry are going to see this high wage economy either.

‘Low Tax’ what really does low tax mean. It means that the government has less money to put into its public services. so by saying low tax, you are saying lower NHS funds, Less police officers and less money to help out the most vulnerable in our society. And also it depends on who they mean by lower tax. Like the 2% decrease in corporation tax? Enough money to fund everyone’s university fees four times over.

And ‘lower welfare’, meaning that these people who rely on the state to put food in their families mouth’s, who are not getting a ‘high wage’ and are not getting the effects of good public services will also now have nothing to lean on. The tax credit cuts will give the 4.6 million recipients an average of a 1350 pound loss per year. Meaning that they could be loosing 12000 pound between the implementation, and 2020.

This is the effects of the Tory plan for a ‘High wage, lower welfare and low tax economy’.

But Zahawi came under fire from a member of the audience who said that the problem with politicians is that ‘politicians have never been poor’. Something i believe is true for many of these people who claim to represent us. The Conservative MP cam back at this point by saying he is a ‘self-made man’ and that he too was effected by poverty saying that when he was leaving to go to university, ‘the bank took our home. We lived on income support, housing benefit and handouts from friends’. This shocked me. Not that this had happened to a Tory MP, but the fact that he has a real understanding on how families are effected by povery, a personal understanding, and yet he still backs the bid to destroy the most vulnerable in our society through these cuts.

If Nadhim Zahawi really knew what he is like, he would never back a Government that wishes to punish the poor and hard working.

Over the time that i have been personally interested in Politics, i have seen many so-called ‘working class Tories’. They seem to me to stick up for their own oppressors, but i can see why. They have been sucessfuly run over by the Conservative propaganda train and are now vehicles for the distribution of Tory spin upon the lay people. It really saddens me that people can be indoctrinate by the Conservatives, they can be deceived into thinking that the Tories are actually helping our country. And they actually vote for them. It is a betrayal on their own class and i think they have a selfish reason for doing so. They hate being working class. They hate the stigma that seems to be connected to the term. By voting Conservative they think that this pushes them up in their social standing, it is selfish, disgusting and a betrayal to the most vulnerable in our society. To me, i have pride that I am working class. I believe that it is the working class that have the integrity, not the elite. I do not see a distinction between the working class and the middle class either. I only see the working class, and the elite or the establishment. We can never really rise to the establishment, so in voting for a party that seems to represent the establishment, you are only isolating yourself. The people who call themselves middle class are blind to the fact that they are still being oppressed, whatever they call themselves.

Zahawi seems to have not only become a vehicle for tory spin, but he has joined them. He is the worst type of Tory, a working class Tory. He has seen what poverty can do to people and how some, after unfortunate circumstances, have to rely on the state. He then goes to support the tax credit cuts, meaning that even more people will be thrust into poverty. How can anyone believe that this is right. How can someone be so selfish as to disregard their past, and destroy other people’s future.

People who have ever even considered voting Conservative. Think. Do you want a society that oppresses everyone else but the top, or do you want a society that allows everyone to have the same opportunities as everyone else? Selfishness should have no place in Politics, only kindness and hope. We need to fight against the Tories and try to convince these working class Tories that their selfishness will only hurt them and the people around them. We need to confront the conservatives in what they are doing, we need to give light to the shadow of lies that the Tories are casting over our country. We need change, but we can only get it if we show people to be selfless, not selfish.

The Government’s crusade on the poor – a political choice not necessity

Politics is a choice making mechanism. It is the art of assessing the opportunity cost of one choice against another. I have a major problem with how politics is being used today.

My problem is not in the fact that politics is about making choice, but I do have a problem with the justification and application of politics in today’s society. What i mean by this is my problem with politics is more of a problem i have with the Tories.
Politics was set up to in some way appease the electorate, but it has been known to have been used for good in our society. For example, the post-war years were a triumph for social policy in the UK, with an NHS being formed just one example of the brilliant institutions that politics can and has given us.
This is where my problem arises. The Tories are not doing anything to help our hurting society. Their spin that a ‘stable’ economy is he key to the uk’s problems is a lie. We have had 30 years of people telling us that there is a trickle down financial system that, if we help the top, the bottom will eventually prosper. Well it has been 30 years and I see no trickle down. The Tories are using their usual spin in order to con the working class that it is best for the poor to be punished and the rich to be rewarded.
We can see this with figures, the Tories, during their time in power, have increased the income of the top by 4% and have decreases the incomes of the bottom by the same percentage. Furthermore, the Tories are about to have 2 million households in poverty by 2020. Also, we have people having to use food banks as they can not afford their basic needs. I am ashamed to live in a country when we no longer care for people, whether they are middle, lower or upper class means nothing, they are all people in the end.
It is a betrayal of Britain that we are now a country that is intolerant of the fact that the capitalism that is being put on us is not working. It will never work for the most vulnerable in our society. We need to change our system, we need to have a socialist intention with our capitalism. Meaning that money is no longer favoured over people.
The tory party are using their power to make these political choices, to complete their agenda. Class war, a crusade on poverty and the destruction of the working class. We live in a society that adheres to tory spin. It is a con, a con created to target the most vulnerable and weak in our society. We can not let the government get away with this. They are the biggest threat to stability within our society ever. Not muslims, not immigrants, not ‘communists’ and not Corbyn; the conservatives are the real enemy. We need to act now, before it gets any worse. Defy tory rule and make britain fair.

Lesson of the day (or age old tradition) Never trust a Tory

I was willing to fill this post with an appreciation of some of the Tories that spoke out against their leaders with regards to the Tax Credit cuts. This will no longer be needed. None of the tory MP’s defied the whip. After being so dead-set against it, they still voted for it. Tories who said that the Tax Credits make the Tories look as if they are not the party for the working class, they were right. And they themselves are the epitome of this party, a party that has and will never work in the interest of the working class. Something must have happened between the debates and the actual vote tonight.

What happened was that the Tories that spoke out against the government have realised that it would be in their best interests to comply with the Tory whip. A show of pure selfishness and a betrayal to each and every one of the Tory MP’s constituents. The Tories have shown their true colours, and they have lost any shred of respect i may have had of them. I am ashamed of our government, i am ashamed of each and every one of those Tory MP’s who lied. Selfishness is the word that summarises the Tories today, as it always does and always will.

The only hope that we have for opposing this bill is through the Lords. Where thankfully it is set to be opposed. We can not let them get this through, people are struggling enough already. We don’t need to raise funds from the backs of the working class when there are other options. We could be collecting 35 billion pounds from making companies pay the taxes they should, no increase in tax, just make sure they pay all of it. That is 35 billion that we could have in our pocket. We could also be getting rid of Trident, a 100 Billion pounds worth of something we will never use, and does not act as a deterrent. We could also have not decreased corporation tax by 2%; it is ludicrous that the Government says this tax credit cut is necessary. What seems to be the only necessary thing to the Tories is inciting class war, trampling on the poor and allowing the people at the top to get away with their selfish agenda.

Today marked the day that the Tories showed their real agenda, their real plan for Britain. They wish to destroy the working classes, their vitriol and deception have indoctrinated the electorate. The British people are going to see what the Tories can do when they get elected on lies and deceit. I am astounded that they are able to keep their support for these ideologically driven cuts. People need something, people need hope, they need to see an end to the government’s crusade against the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. We can not allow the Tories to define a generation with their austerity. We can never allow them to call themselves the party that represents us. We can never allow them to take the mantle of power that they have today. We are about to be thrust into devastation, social cataclysm and a war of class and power. Not a war of guns, but a war of ideologies.

We need to destroy the Tories’ plans, we need to oppose them and we need to show them that they can never mess with the British people in the way that they are trying to. The Tories hate Britain, they hate everyone that is not themself. They hate the working class and they will continue to hate them. They have shown us who they really are; vile, selfish and ignorant. Now let’s show them who we are, let’s represent an opposition of hope, of aspiration and of kindness. We need to destroy every part of the Conservative ideology. The only hope we have left is the House of Lords. Never will i ever think the Tories have even the slightest chance of caring for us.