Tory party conference? Or the Corbyn conference?

Yesterday, the Conservative party conference kicked off in Manchester. The thing that most stood out for me was the fact that the Conservatives used their precious time to speak out against the new labour leader. This is very telling of the Conservative reaction to Corbyn, they do not know how to react.

With the implementation of the tax credit cuts, I think that the Conservative party has exposed itself for what it is, a party set on destroying the lower classes and enrich itself off of the backs of the working class. The fact that they are giving Corbyn airtime in the first day of their conference shows that they are running scared of Labour. Corbyn has allowed a proper opposition to form against these ideologues who will do anything to line their own pockets by stealing off of the poor.

The Conservatives have a few days in which they will tell you that they are the party for the working people. In reality, they are a party for the exploitation of working people. The implementation of the tax credit cuts will destroy some family’s lives, not being canceled out by the national ‘living’ wage, it leaves some family’s two thousand pounds less off per year. This is a horrific idea, especially with around a million families using food banks and children going to school without getting breakfast. These cuts seem to only deepen the impoverishment within our country. The Conservatives are not even getting the right effect from their cuts. Borrowing between 2010 and 2015 was more than the borrowing in the thirteen years of labour during the 90s and early 2000s.

The protests against Tory rule show how people are waking up. People are understanding what the Conservatives intend on doing to our country. With one in three nurses thinking of quitting the NHS, we already see the destruction of our health service under the Tories. People are starting to see this. I hope that more people will.

The Conservatives are running scared of Corbyn and the support his straight talking politics has received by many people around our country. Cameron and his cronies are being exposed by Corbyn’s down-to-earth take on politics for what they are, malicious, sly and downright evil. Let’s see where this conference gets the Tory party. A few days of lies to justify four and a half years of torture for the working class in our society. Stand up against these oppressors, defy the Tory rule. We need a change, and the only way to have one is to create a mass movement dead set on destroying the Tory government through democratic means.


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