Conservative Party Conference Over – Class War Starts

This week has been a very peculiar week. The conservatives are now establishing themselves as the new party for the working class and now leading the occupation of the center ground. Yes, the Conservatives are now the party that fully represents the working class in our society. The Tories – who are now the party for the working people – have said they now reside in the centre ground of politics while the Labour party ‘loses’ its head over on the left with that loony commie Corbyn. Cameron and his cronies are now pathing their way to a full and total annexation of this centre ground. Is there any truth to this?

Cameron shocked the nation when he tried to rally his troops in the name of the working class, but this is just the usual Conservative spin that we get from them. So smug after their ‘victory’ in May, the Conservatives decided that the working class people must love them. Well if any of the working class in Britain do love the Conservatives they are a shame on their class, their families and their country. The Tories are not now suddenly the party for the working class and they never will be. One third of the Conservative parlimentary party went to private schools. How can these elitist thugs that only go into politics to serve themselves and their rich friends be allowed to call themselves the party of the working class. Yes, this does mean that still a majority of them did go to comprehensive schools, but it is not representative of the whole population. I would not be raising this point if they had not tried to make us, the peasants in their view think that they represent our situation. It is wrong, it is disgusting and the Conservative party should be ashamed of themselves.

We live in a time when politics is for the few not the many. When people are punished for being at the bottom, and praised for being at the top. Where poor living conditions and a race to the bottom are justified as ‘economic growth’. We live in a country of growing inequalities between the working class and the elite, were the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer. Where a party, deadset on destroying the institutions we love and admire as British people can rise to the top with indoctrination, fear and sheer and utter deception. The conservatives are ready to destroy everything we have built, to scourge our society with their ide ology, and indoctrinate the British people once and for all. They are ready to condemn our children to constant class war, to constant poverty, and constant hatred. They are ready to bring about a new society, one that leaves the working class out to suffer, and works for the goodness and preservation of the establishment. We can not allow them to decieve us, we can not let them indoctrinate us. We have to fight, with an ideology of hope and kindness, against the ideology of dread and fear. We have to rally against them, not divide and blame each other. Only solidarity, strength, truth and kindness can fight against the war that they are starting, not a war of guns and ammunition, but a war of words and thoughts, a political war that will decide the fate of a generation. Dont hide behind the shadow of your opressors, make them cower in the shadow of our movement. Show them that we are the working class, we are the people, we are Britain, and we will not comply.


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