The Media and their Anti-Corbynism

Today highlights the media’s hatred of anything that threatens their right-wing agenda. The media has become a platform for the right-wing, a way of spreading spin, lies and deception. With the Labour ‘U-Turn’ on the fiscal charter, there was bound to be some reaction from the right-wing press, but today revealed how ignorant and deceptive they really are.

Firstly, in tackling the decision not to back the Chancellor’s fiscal charter, I believe it was the right thing to do. However, whatever the Labour party say, they are not the ones who can complete the charter’s aims, so their stance is irrelevant. The only thing Labour need to get out of this is political points. Their original stance to back the charter was acceptable as it was a way to show to the public that Labour are not defecit deniers. However, if they did back the charter, they would essentially be backing the austerity measures that the Conservatives want to implement. The U-Turn that McDonnell announced is not Labour going back on its word, it is simply a change in policy after other variables have been accounted for. The fuss that has been kicked up by many people within the PLP is just hot air. The careerists within Labour have now seen their ascension into the City fly away from them, they are trying to undermine Corbyn and the Shadow Chancellor so that their own career prospects can remain. It was a well justified change in policy also, one that was not a show of weakness but actually a show of strength. But not to the right-wing media. Any debate becomes descent, any discussion becomes disagreement, any consultation becomes a coup if it comes from Corbyn’s Labour. Is it not a disgusting representation of British politics that any sort of discussion and debate is seen as a rift in a party? Do we live in a world where there is one solution and no debate?

But the right-wing media are overlooking another important U-Turn today in British politics. The U-Turn in providing 5.9 million pounds to Saudi Arabia in a prisons contract. Now i absolutely agree with this U-Turn, but i do not agree with how the right-wing media portrayed it in comparison to the Labour U-Turn. Michael Gove has been made out to be a hero of human rights. This is a man who wants to scrap the Human Rights act, being hailed as an ‘unlikely hero’. I agree absolutely that it was actually a triumph that this has been stopped, but this is really a triumph for the Leader of the Opposition. Jeremy Corbyn has called on numerous accounts for this prison bid to stop, on the basis of their violations of human rights. Jeremy Corbyn is the man who raised this and has pressured the Government into taking these actions. How can Michael Gove take the credit for this? It is again another show of Tory rhetoric and the lies they are ready to spread in order to get the upper hand.

The treatment of both of these stories today by the absolutely disgusting and malicious right wing press highlights the intentions of the media, to be a beacon of communication for the establishment and to help spread lies, deception and spin towards Britain. The Shadow Chancellor has every reason to make this U-Turn, he has the privilege to not be in Government. The careerists within the Labour party are getting restless because their route towards big bonuses in London have been blocked by the honest politics that Corbyn and McDonnell are trying to instill in the PLP, they need to represent the peoples interests instead of their own. If we allow these people to take control of our party again, we will never have a chance of hope and a better kind of politics as the one we have today. This is our last chance to get rid of the spin, the indoctrination and plastic politics, a chance to change the face of British politics for once and for all. If we follow some Labour MPs’ examples we would be turning in on ourselves when the rea enemy is out there, they are ready for us, armed with the spin and deception they wield. Are we ready to arm ourselves with hope and honesty against the malice of the Establishment? Only time will tell.


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