Campaigner Corbyn

Today, Corbyn’s politics was under fire by a certain program for being ‘student union politics’. The speaker then went on to say that the grassroots movement that he has following him is not compatible with Westminster, and that he will never get Labour elected. I think that is deeply wrong to say that grassroots movements are not compatible with westminster politics because, how else can the commons represent the everyday person?

Jeremy Corbyn has already defied odds by winning the Labour party leadership with a staggering majority, something the media and the Tories were absolutely terrified of. Now the odds are stacked against him to prove to the public that he can lead the party in opposition. The mandate he won on September 12th was a mandate that was created from grassroots politics, from going around the country and galvanizing the electorate to defy what the Tories feed them. Now he is being told by an ardent Labour supporter that his Grassroots politics has no place in the commons? This is utterly wrong. Grassroots politics is politics that comes bottom up, the people are at the forefront of the movements, the policies. It truly is a politics that represents the majority, not the many. Which is the polar opposite of what the Commons is doing.

Instead, i think that Corbyn can and will only prove to the electorate that he is a capable and strong leader if he carries on his grassroots politics and continues to be a political campaigner. He was elected on this basis, it would be a tragedy for the British people who want to see change and want to see less puppetry in politics, if Corbyn were to become another Westminster centralised politician. Corbyn speaks and listens to me and you. He is a man who agrees with ‘kindness to all and malice to none’. Corbyn is a campaigner and that is what he should remain as even though he is leader of the opposition.

A show of Corbyn’s campaigner-style leadership is prime ministers question time. He takes our questions and puts them to the PM, and he fights for each and every detail, showing the Government for what they really are. LIars, cheats and dirty politicians. PMQs is a show of strength for the grassroots movement that Corbyn represents, it shows how Corbyn genuinely wants Parliament to represent the people. How can anyone, as a Labour supporter say that Corbyn needs to hang the links he has to grassroots politics up and turn into another selfish, ignorant politician that works for the benefit of the few not the many. Corbyn needs to kep up these links, and he needs to make sure that he is never pressured into becoming anything that he is not. We can’t let anyone hijack our party again. The Tories will try, the media will try, and even the PLP will try. Only with the backing of the people can Labour ever succeed, let’s give them our backing.


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