The Conservative trick – How they have divided the working class

Meet Liz, a working class woman who works hard and scrapes by to live on the wage she has. Liz is not her real name, as she is a woman who I recently heard speaking from the question time audience, and was unnamed on the program. She was speaking about the government’s plan to cut tax credits to the poorer and most vulnerable in our society. She said she was ‘happy’ about the cuts to child tax credits. A working class woman who struggles to get by said she felt she was happy that families that are already poor, are going to struggle even more. Is this not a disgusting thought, that people who are from the same situation can divide and be happy if the other is going to be doing worse off.

Liz is single and has no children, therefore the tax credit cuts will not hurt her. she says that her ‘friends have a better disposable income’ because they have children, and that the cuts are ‘evening the scales’ between her and those people who do have children. She was met with quite a lot of appreciation by her fellow audience members, who shared her belief that there needs to be a ‘balance on the scales’. I absolutely despise this attitude, an attitude of selfishness. But Liz is not to blame, she is only a victim of the political machine that is Conservative propaganda. Propaganda that seems to have become public opinion.

My biggest grievance with this view is the fact that Liz, and many like her, seem to think that if other people – who are in the same boat as her –  are less off than her, then she must be better off. This is a lie, it is a selfish, disgusting and utterly Conservative lie. People are struggling, people are finding themselves unable to afford their needs, food and water and a roof over their heads. This is true of most working class families who have suffered from David Cameron’s ‘assault on [the people in] poverty’, but is the answer to make others suffer? Is the answer to bring others down to your level of poverty and vulnerability? No, the answer to this is to bring the worse off in our society up, then everyone benefits. Nobody, not even Liz benefits from a family who rely on these tax credits being brought down into even worse destitution. The only benefit Liz gets is the pleasure of knowing that she has helped bring another family down, into helping a family be destroyed, and thrust into an absolute horrible life.

To Liz, and anyone who agrees with her message i say, have some empathy. You hare in desperate times, why would you ever want a family to be in your situation? What pleasure do you get? Give a little thought to the children that will be brought up in a family where there is no hope, only destitution. And think, you are the cause of that. You backed this disgusting bill that wants to crush the working class as they are divided. And you are the cause of this divide. Your selfishness has allowed the Tories to take advantage of the disarray that you have caused. You are the real villain.

The Tories are loving this, they have blamed the ‘claim culture’ of Britain for the problems that our country faces. Many of the working class have been indoctrinated and like to spread this propaganda. And now we are here, when Liz, a working class woman is backing the Tory controlled and malicious attempts to deepen poverty within our country. If the enthusiasm that Liz put in favour of these devious cuts were transferred to where the real problem lies, then maybe we as a collective, can create a movement to fight for the rights of the working class.

The real problem lies in the Government. They are making the working class suffer for something they did not cause. They are destroying our society all in the name of ‘a strong economic plan’. They want to make us go against one another, people who hold no power, and blame them for the problems we have. The Government loves this, it feeds off of this and it is able to get away with the most vile and disgusting things because of this. If others become less well off, you are never going to be more well off, only in a world where others are collectively scraping by to live while the elite weaken us and try to squash us. What needs to be done is people need to be lifted up not pushed down. People need to be paid a real living wage. And the government needs to spend on infrastructure, not chuck it into quantitative easing of the bankers, and help prop up banker’s bonuses. The working class need to stop falling for the Tory trick of pitching one set of people with another set of people in order to divert blame. They have and are dividing us, through the tax credits bill, the trade union bill and even the fiscal charter. They are aiming to deepen divides so that they can seep their malice and greed within them. Liz, do you want this to happen? Do you want the Tories to divide us and indoctrinate us? Then get up and stand against the real problem, not the people who are nearly the exact same as you, but people who look down and laugh at you. Stand up against the elitist establishment who are waiting to cripple us. stand with us in a movement of hope and kindness, and never let them fool you again. It is people like you that we need, in order for us all to prosper.


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