Was there really a revolt in the Labour party?

Yesterday the fiscal charter was passed by MPs in the House of Commons. The charter was the basis of the media amplified U-Turn by the Labour party, the cause of the so-called ‘rebellion’ within the party’s ranks. But was there actually a revolt within the ranks of the PLP?

In the end, only 21 MPs defied the Labour party whip to oppose the bill by abstaining. this was not the coup that the media was gearing up for, it was not even a slight revolt. The MPs that did abstain were just a handful, when we were told that this would be a ‘major’ and ‘significant’ revolt for Corbyn. Again we see that the media are constantly trying to sow discontent within the Labour party’s ranks. In my opinion, they absolutely failed. What yesterday shows is that the PLP are starting to at least appease their new leader. Jeremy Corbyn, when he only had 20 supporters for his leadership in the PLP, was said to have a ‘minimal’ backing within the Labour party. However, when only 21 MPs oppose him, it is being said to be ‘massive’ and ‘significant’. Again, this highlights the media and their total hatred of the kinder politics Corbyn represents.

Yesterday has changed my view on the PLP. I think now that there is still – however slight – a chance that they will rally behind Corbyn and champion the unity, solidarity and hope that Labour can now represent under their new leader. The only way they can do this is to realize that their career politics is dead, they need to become conviction politicians and learn from Corbyn’s leadership. Represent the hope and kindness that he does.

The Labour party has a chance now, a chance to become a powerful opposition. Don’t waste this chance. Get up and defy the Tory rule.


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