We are not Tories, so stop acting like them

After the heartbreaking comments from the woman in the question time audience who was going to be massively affected by the tax credit cuts, there have been some utterly despicable things said against this woman.

I have seen her being labeled ‘tory scum’ by people on the left and have seen her being told to simply ‘put more effort’ into earning by the right. Now, it is totally usual that the malicious right wingers will try to cover their own backs by demonizing her, but we are better  than this.

Just because the woman voted conservative in the last election does not make her one of them. People were deceived last May into thinking that the tory way was the only way, with no true real opposition present. Who can blame this woman for being indoctrinated by the tory spin?

We should not represent a politics of hate and discrimination, that is for the Tories. We should help lead the way into an inclusive party that accepts all who want a fair and equal society. To discriminate and demonize these people is to go against everything that we stand for, we are not the Tories. Only hope and kindness to all these people will allow us to build a mass movement to fight for the preservation of the rights our ancestors fought and died for. We can not criticize their past choices, only offer political redemption through our party’s values. Hope, kindness and strength. Not hatred, fear and blame. We can not lower ourselves to the tory level, we are the many and they are the few. Lets accept all we can and build the movement we need to show everyone the truth, that the Tories work for the few. In times when we need a government that works for the many.


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