Corbyn – The last vestige of hope for Socialism

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership seems to be an anomaly in the Westminster bubble; Career politics is rife within the commons. Jeremy Corbyn represents the polar opposite of what Westminster seems to have become, this may be exactly why the establishment has not taken to kindly to his ascension. Not only is he an anomaly in the Westminster crowd, but he is also the polar opposite of what New Labour was. He is not a tory-light, sly and dishonest man and his politics are not the politics of hate, division and fear. He offers an alternative, he is honest to the public and is fighting for a kinder politics within this Westminster bubble. He is the epitome of what Westminster isn’t.

Labour has drifted into becoming one of these Westminster-centralised parties, it no longer represented the public and the working class that raised the party up. Blairism they called it. After the war criminal that led our party under false pretences. Blairism is revered today by many Labour MPs, championing it as a pivotal chapter in the history of the Labour party. I see it as a blip. A disease on our party that needed to be eradicated in order for us to be the party we were meant to be. The party of the working people. Jeremy’s election showed the party supporter’s want for this eradication ,and the blairites who still plague our party are having a hard time to comprehend the party’s decision. They threaten a coup against their new leader. A revolution that would rip the party up and destroy any chance of Labour ever getting any power. The Blairites do not realise that if they did this, they would be going against the members that Corbyn himself was able to create during a summer.

If the PLP actually got behind their leader then that summer could turn into a year and that year could turn into a generation. A generation of people who want to strive for the best in our society, with no more cloak and dagger moves to destroy the most vulnerable and prop up the most privileged. Corbyn is not only the last vestige of hope for socialism within the Labour party, but he is the Last chance for Labour this generation to try to convince the electorate that the tory rule is a rule of hate and fear. The smoke screen of a health economy (which is not even healthy) is a tory trick created to deceive the public into getting behind the malicious maneuverings of the Conservatives. Jeremy Corbyn can wipe away this smoke screen and provide a ray of hope and clarity to politics, one that has never been seen before. But the shadow of the Blairites is even bigger and even louder. Do your jobs, get behind your leader or leave the party. The real enemy is being able to consolidate its power and destroy any vestige of hope for our children. If a Blairite is able to take over the Labour party, the rules would be changed so that someone such as Corbyn could never be elected again. This is the last hope we have to oppose the Tories effectively, we can not let our movement cease to be represented. Defy tory rule, get behind Corbyn.


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