Junior Doctors – let’s help them help us

Today’s protests against Jeremy Hunt’s appalling treatment of junior doctors in our NHS is a sight that should bring people to tears. Tears not of sadness, but if hope.

We have a right to protest, to strike, when we are being trod on by the government. This right is something that we in Britain take for granted, and in some cases, look down on. If you go on strike nowadays, you are labeled as someone who is trying to bring down the country by not working. If you strike, people look down on you as some sort of radical. But nothing is radical about striking.

We, in Britain have a proud, but forgotten history of striking, leading social campaigns and social revolutions that allow us to have the freedoms we have today. A history that has been lost deep within the confines of Tory rhetoric.

The strikes today are people we rely on, people we need, people who have devoted their lives to literally saving ours. They are not on those streets because they don’t want to do their job. They are on those streets because they are being trampled on by the boot of Tory austerity, they are effectively striking in order to allow them to carry on saving our lives. The Tories went to see the NHS destroyed, they want to see a world where the poor have nothing and the establishment has all.

These people are doctors and nurses who are fighting for us, our NHS. We should be out there with them, championing the voice of the many. We should be making sure the government gives them a fair deal and that we will not lose massive parts of our NHS due to the poor treatment of these junior doctors.

We as a society have a chance to stand in solidarity with these people and help them help us. Britain needs to remember its roots in social campaigning, we are the ones who should change our society to what works for us. We can not let them cripple us in a way to change our society to suit them.

We rely on these people, and at the moment, they are relying on us to pressurize the government and stand with them in the name of our NHS, our values, our institutions. We need to stand up for Britain, against the Tories.


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