Tax Credit Cuts – Let’s provide some pressure

Today, it was revealed that 71 marginal seats are at risk of being lost by the Tories as an effect of their implementation of Tax Credit cuts on the most vulnerable in our society. And rightfully so. The Conservatives should not be allowed to get away with it. The woman from Question Time inspired many people to realise what the tax credit cuts will do to our society. It will help widen the gap between the poor and the rich, a constant policy for the elitist Tories.

This is a massive blunder for Cameron and the Chancellor, they are being given massive pressure by even their own MPs to lighten the effects that these cuts will bring. This is quite reminiscent of what the media said would happen if Corbyn became leader, which it did not. However the media, being a group of right-wing organisations, have decided not to look at it as harshly as they would if it were Labour. Many on the Tory backbench have denounced the cuts, they are openly going against their leader. Proving that this is not just a Labour problem.

This could bring down the Cameron regime, it could be his ‘poll tax’, and we could see the start of a Tory divide. Pressure needs to be put on the Government, more pressure than even now. Id we can’t see the fall of Cameron, then let’s at least make sure that he does not go ahead with destroying people’s livelihoods and putting 200,000 children into poverty directly from the effects of this cut in 2016 alone.

The Tories, i think are beginning to realise that they can not go too far with their plans. They got cocky after their win in May, thinking that they could use the power they have to absolutely crush us, the working class. They need to be held to account for all their absolutely diabolical cuts. We need to oppose them in every way possible and make sure that they know that they have gone too far.

These 71 seats are a blessing for Labour, they could within them, hold the key to the balance of power between Tory and Labour. Corbyn needs to put even more pressure on the Government in order to make sure that we as a country do not let the Tories do what they always do, incite class war.

I am shocked that they have been allowed to do so much so fast, they are churning out their malicious plans upon the already poorest and most vulnerable in Britain, making them even worse off. They have lessened corporation tax, showing they are working to enrichment of the top and extermination of anyone else. Let’s give them that opposition, let’s stand up for our country and make sure that the Tories are held to account for their disgraceful political maneuverings.


2 thoughts on “Tax Credit Cuts – Let’s provide some pressure

  1. I agree. It has the ring of something that could destabilise the government, and it would scupper the arrogant Osborne too. They have lied their way into government, and are essentially illegitimate.


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