The young vote – we need someone to stand up for us

Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was made possible by his ability to galvanize people who would never have been interested in politics, and get them involved. Young people were a key group in helping Corbyn become leader, people who i would argue are the worse off because of Tory ideologically driven cuts.

Cameron and his friends have got to the top, they have had the luxury of a free university education, they have climbed up the ladder. Now they wish to push the ladder down, they want to destroy any sort of social mobility. We see this through their abolition of student grants, and the fact that we will all be living with our parents until we are 50, as well as many other things. They want to incite class war and in doing this they are destroying the prospects of the younger people in our society and securing their own place in the establishment. Young people are the future, they are what our country will become. If we allow the tories to destroy their prospects, destroy their hope, then we will have a society in which we see an even bigger chasm between the elite and the working class.

We need something, we need some sort of hope for our future. Jeremy Corbyn provides this hope. Especially for me, a Green Party supporter in may, i felt like Labour did not feel like Labour, it just felt Tory-light. Corbyn becoming leader gt me involved, it got me thinking and it changed my view on politics as a whole. Only optimism and hope can fight the Tories and this is why I blog. We need to create a movement that encompasses that hope and optimism, in order to get the Tories out. Corbyn can provide that. He does not want to see the young being pushed of the social ladder, he wants to ensure that we have a future. He wants us all to have the chance to go to university without the debt, he wants us all to have the opportunity to afford our own houses.

Eventually, what happens now will affect us. This is why we need to encourage the younger people in our society to vote against these Tory ideologues. Because when they are gone, we will be the ones who are left to pick up the pieces. We are the ones who are, and will continue to be the brunt of these cuts. Just from the effects of the implementation of Tax Credit cuts, 200,000 children will be pushed into poverty in 2016 alone. We have to stand up against them, we have to fight their plans, we have to oppose them at every corner they wish to turn. We can’t let them walk all over the future generations of Britain.

The young people need to rally behind Labour, we need to oppose the tory ideology, oppose the cuts, and we need to help secure a future for the generations to come. The creation of a mass movement of kindness and hope is the only way we can combat the tory ideology of fear and intimidation. Rise up in hope, rise up against the Tories, stand up for equality, and make sure that we never sacrifice the future of our country, for unnecessary tory cuts on the most vulnerable in our society. Let’s do it, let’s stop them. Let’s defy the Tory rule.


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