Lesson of the day (or age old tradition) Never trust a Tory

I was willing to fill this post with an appreciation of some of the Tories that spoke out against their leaders with regards to the Tax Credit cuts. This will no longer be needed. None of the tory MP’s defied the whip. After being so dead-set against it, they still voted for it. Tories who said that the Tax Credits make the Tories look as if they are not the party for the working class, they were right. And they themselves are the epitome of this party, a party that has and will never work in the interest of the working class. Something must have happened between the debates and the actual vote tonight.

What happened was that the Tories that spoke out against the government have realised that it would be in their best interests to comply with the Tory whip. A show of pure selfishness and a betrayal to each and every one of the Tory MP’s constituents. The Tories have shown their true colours, and they have lost any shred of respect i may have had of them. I am ashamed of our government, i am ashamed of each and every one of those Tory MP’s who lied. Selfishness is the word that summarises the Tories today, as it always does and always will.

The only hope that we have for opposing this bill is through the Lords. Where thankfully it is set to be opposed. We can not let them get this through, people are struggling enough already. We don’t need to raise funds from the backs of the working class when there are other options. We could be collecting 35 billion pounds from making companies pay the taxes they should, no increase in tax, just make sure they pay all of it. That is 35 billion that we could have in our pocket. We could also be getting rid of Trident, a 100 Billion pounds worth of something we will never use, and does not act as a deterrent. We could also have not decreased corporation tax by 2%; it is ludicrous that the Government says this tax credit cut is necessary. What seems to be the only necessary thing to the Tories is inciting class war, trampling on the poor and allowing the people at the top to get away with their selfish agenda.

Today marked the day that the Tories showed their real agenda, their real plan for Britain. They wish to destroy the working classes, their vitriol and deception have indoctrinated the electorate. The British people are going to see what the Tories can do when they get elected on lies and deceit. I am astounded that they are able to keep their support for these ideologically driven cuts. People need something, people need hope, they need to see an end to the government’s crusade against the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. We can not allow the Tories to define a generation with their austerity. We can never allow them to call themselves the party that represents us. We can never allow them to take the mantle of power that they have today. We are about to be thrust into devastation, social cataclysm and a war of class and power. Not a war of guns, but a war of ideologies.

We need to destroy the Tories’ plans, we need to oppose them and we need to show them that they can never mess with the British people in the way that they are trying to. The Tories hate Britain, they hate everyone that is not themself. They hate the working class and they will continue to hate them. They have shown us who they really are; vile, selfish and ignorant. Now let’s show them who we are, let’s represent an opposition of hope, of aspiration and of kindness. We need to destroy every part of the Conservative ideology. The only hope we have left is the House of Lords. Never will i ever think the Tories have even the slightest chance of caring for us.


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