The Government’s crusade on the poor – a political choice not necessity

Politics is a choice making mechanism. It is the art of assessing the opportunity cost of one choice against another. I have a major problem with how politics is being used today.

My problem is not in the fact that politics is about making choice, but I do have a problem with the justification and application of politics in today’s society. What i mean by this is my problem with politics is more of a problem i have with the Tories.
Politics was set up to in some way appease the electorate, but it has been known to have been used for good in our society. For example, the post-war years were a triumph for social policy in the UK, with an NHS being formed just one example of the brilliant institutions that politics can and has given us.
This is where my problem arises. The Tories are not doing anything to help our hurting society. Their spin that a ‘stable’ economy is he key to the uk’s problems is a lie. We have had 30 years of people telling us that there is a trickle down financial system that, if we help the top, the bottom will eventually prosper. Well it has been 30 years and I see no trickle down. The Tories are using their usual spin in order to con the working class that it is best for the poor to be punished and the rich to be rewarded.
We can see this with figures, the Tories, during their time in power, have increased the income of the top by 4% and have decreases the incomes of the bottom by the same percentage. Furthermore, the Tories are about to have 2 million households in poverty by 2020. Also, we have people having to use food banks as they can not afford their basic needs. I am ashamed to live in a country when we no longer care for people, whether they are middle, lower or upper class means nothing, they are all people in the end.
It is a betrayal of Britain that we are now a country that is intolerant of the fact that the capitalism that is being put on us is not working. It will never work for the most vulnerable in our society. We need to change our system, we need to have a socialist intention with our capitalism. Meaning that money is no longer favoured over people.
The tory party are using their power to make these political choices, to complete their agenda. Class war, a crusade on poverty and the destruction of the working class. We live in a society that adheres to tory spin. It is a con, a con created to target the most vulnerable and weak in our society. We can not let the government get away with this. They are the biggest threat to stability within our society ever. Not muslims, not immigrants, not ‘communists’ and not Corbyn; the conservatives are the real enemy. We need to act now, before it gets any worse. Defy tory rule and make britain fair.


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