Working class Tories – The worst kind of Tory?

on Thursday, Nadhim Zahawi, a Conservative MP, set out to convince us that the cuts to tax credits are a good idea. On Question Time, he spoke about the usual Tory spin on these cuts, saying that Britain is now a ‘Jobs factory’ going on to say that the Conservatives want a ‘High wage, lower welfare and low tax economy’.

For a start, let’s look at the steel industry. The Government’s incompetence to help the industry with the shadow of china behind them has led to jobs being destroyed and people being left without any hopes for the future. definitely a ‘Jobs factory’

On the usual ‘High wage’ economy, the conservatives’ ‘living’ wage is not a living wage, it is a disgrace, therefore people are not going to have this High wage economy as the wages they are set to have are not even enough to live on. Furthermore, i doubt the workers in the decimated steel industry are going to see this high wage economy either.

‘Low Tax’ what really does low tax mean. It means that the government has less money to put into its public services. so by saying low tax, you are saying lower NHS funds, Less police officers and less money to help out the most vulnerable in our society. And also it depends on who they mean by lower tax. Like the 2% decrease in corporation tax? Enough money to fund everyone’s university fees four times over.

And ‘lower welfare’, meaning that these people who rely on the state to put food in their families mouth’s, who are not getting a ‘high wage’ and are not getting the effects of good public services will also now have nothing to lean on. The tax credit cuts will give the 4.6 million recipients an average of a 1350 pound loss per year. Meaning that they could be loosing 12000 pound between the implementation, and 2020.

This is the effects of the Tory plan for a ‘High wage, lower welfare and low tax economy’.

But Zahawi came under fire from a member of the audience who said that the problem with politicians is that ‘politicians have never been poor’. Something i believe is true for many of these people who claim to represent us. The Conservative MP cam back at this point by saying he is a ‘self-made man’ and that he too was effected by poverty saying that when he was leaving to go to university, ‘the bank took our home. We lived on income support, housing benefit and handouts from friends’. This shocked me. Not that this had happened to a Tory MP, but the fact that he has a real understanding on how families are effected by povery, a personal understanding, and yet he still backs the bid to destroy the most vulnerable in our society through these cuts.

If Nadhim Zahawi really knew what he is like, he would never back a Government that wishes to punish the poor and hard working.

Over the time that i have been personally interested in Politics, i have seen many so-called ‘working class Tories’. They seem to me to stick up for their own oppressors, but i can see why. They have been sucessfuly run over by the Conservative propaganda train and are now vehicles for the distribution of Tory spin upon the lay people. It really saddens me that people can be indoctrinate by the Conservatives, they can be deceived into thinking that the Tories are actually helping our country. And they actually vote for them. It is a betrayal on their own class and i think they have a selfish reason for doing so. They hate being working class. They hate the stigma that seems to be connected to the term. By voting Conservative they think that this pushes them up in their social standing, it is selfish, disgusting and a betrayal to the most vulnerable in our society. To me, i have pride that I am working class. I believe that it is the working class that have the integrity, not the elite. I do not see a distinction between the working class and the middle class either. I only see the working class, and the elite or the establishment. We can never really rise to the establishment, so in voting for a party that seems to represent the establishment, you are only isolating yourself. The people who call themselves middle class are blind to the fact that they are still being oppressed, whatever they call themselves.

Zahawi seems to have not only become a vehicle for tory spin, but he has joined them. He is the worst type of Tory, a working class Tory. He has seen what poverty can do to people and how some, after unfortunate circumstances, have to rely on the state. He then goes to support the tax credit cuts, meaning that even more people will be thrust into poverty. How can anyone believe that this is right. How can someone be so selfish as to disregard their past, and destroy other people’s future.

People who have ever even considered voting Conservative. Think. Do you want a society that oppresses everyone else but the top, or do you want a society that allows everyone to have the same opportunities as everyone else? Selfishness should have no place in Politics, only kindness and hope. We need to fight against the Tories and try to convince these working class Tories that their selfishness will only hurt them and the people around them. We need to confront the conservatives in what they are doing, we need to give light to the shadow of lies that the Tories are casting over our country. We need change, but we can only get it if we show people to be selfless, not selfish.


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