Our Steel Industry: Let’s learn from past mistakes

I am disgusted by how our government has dealt with the collapse of our steel industry, hor how it has not dealt with it. It seems that the Tories are not even bothered by it at all. They should not make the same mistakes of the past with the collapse of these industries. They need to stand up for our steel workers, they need to stop the decimation of these industries. And they need to do it now.

The Tories say they are the party for the working people, they say that they are the job creators, they tell us Britain is now a ‘jobs factory’, yet they still allow a vital industry to be destroyed, and their workers to lose their jobs. It is an outrage.

China seems to be the major problem, with its dumping of exports into our economy satirising the market. This is pushing demand down, especially demand for British steel, that is unable to compete with chinese prices. It is an economic cycle, in markets, demand slumps, and booms and carries on doing so until the end of time. We are experiencing a major slump. We are seeing a slump that is seemingly taking our entire steel industry with it. The government’s non-action is a disgrace. The steel market is not gone, it will still be there when our industry has gone. The market will strengthen, and demand will rise. But Britain will no longer be in this market. It will no longer be able to use this industry to make money, to create jobs and to make steel. Just as we are still using coal now, just as we are still using ships, these vital industries were also destroyed, and their markets have recovered, and we will no longer be able to benefit from them.

The government needs to nationalize this industry, making sure that the factories do not close, the jobs are not lost and we retain a vital industry. Yes, i used the N word. It does not have to keep the industry forever, it could always keep it through the ad times and then give it back in the good. Not what i would recommend but it is a compromise with the tory agenda of privatising everything that moves. We need to keep these steelworkers under our wing and we need to keep this vital industry.

The objection to this is that if we nationalised it, it will cost the taxpayer money. It will, but the country will benefit in the end from having a workable steel industry and also keeping the jobs that are being lost. Not enough? Well let’s look at how we effectively nationalised the banks and funneled 500bn pounds into them. This cost each UK taxpayer 2,000 per head, but we still did it. We saved our financial system and now we are getting ready to privatize it again, a bad move if you ask me. Also, we invested 1 billion into farmers in 2001 through compensation from foot and mouth, making some farmers overnight millionaires. These are industries where government has intervened in order to help the industry, so why is it not helping our steel industry now?

With the UK now apparently having its nose shoved firmly between China’s backside, it can not get a whiff of this crisis. China is a major cause of this problem, with its illegal dumping on our markets. We are letting them get away with it by inviting their leader here and trying to seduce him to invest into our country. Not only are we letting them get away with it, but we are allowing them to own our power and our infrastructure as well. It is a betrayal on the steel workers that Britain is not helping them and is instead brown-nosing the human rights abusers from China. We need to abandon these plans with China and demand no more dumping into our markets.

The Conservatives are ignorant to this crisis, they are doing nothing. They promise to create more jobs, but they allow these jobs to be destroyed, they allow people to be chucked out and become homeless. We need to stand up for this industry, an industry that will come back, if we give it time. He is allowing these jobs to be lost on the basis that there will be more jobs soon is ludicrous. Nationalize the industry, let’s get the government to save these jobs, not allow them to disappear.


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