The Lords now represent the working people? The irony!

The House of Lords is something i think we do not need, It is something i think is wrong, and does not reflect the public. They are an unelected chamber who have the ability to shape, change and reject bills that come from the commons. However, my thoughts on the Lords have been challenged today.

When watching the Commons debate the Tax credit cuts, i was given some hope for our political establishment, i saw Conservatives standing up for the working people, telling their own leaders that in putting this bill through, they were no longer ‘compassionate Conservatives’. I saw Labour doing what it should and speaking out against the injustice the Tories were putting on the poorest and most vulnerable. But, when the vote came in no Tory had voted against this bill, and even some Labour MPs abstained. I lost all hope in our political establishment. I lost all hope in how our politicians represent us. This bill was passed, and the only hope we had to destroy it, was the House of Lords.

The House of Lords have voted to send it right back to the government, marking a victory for all of us who want equality and justice in our country. The bill will not be able to be processed through within three years, meaning that this bill has been destroyed and the motions from the Labour lords have won.

In some ways this is tragic. What does it say of our establishment when it seems that the non-elected lords are standing up for the working people, where parliament is not? The government have failed, but it is not because of the PLP, it is because of the Lords. The lords debate on this bill was immensely interesting, with points being made from either side saying the truth about what this bill is. A punishment to the working families who do everything they are asked. A punishment that they told would never happen, a lie from the Tories that they used to deceive their way into power. These are things that I would expect from the commons, not necessarily the lords. It therefore seems to me that we have a massive problem within our system. The Government would have been able to implement this motion if it were not for the lords, an institution that I think should be destroyed. There is a massive irony in this.

However, looking on the bright side. The working families of Britain. The people who work hard and get little. The people who do all they can to get by, but are still scraping by. The people who stand up to injustice, inequality and fear. All these people have won today. We have won against the Government. We have won against the Labour abstainers. And we have won against Osbourne and Cameron. There was a crisis today, and it was not the constitutional one that the Tories were ranting about. There was a crisis in the fact that this bill – that would have destroyed people’s lives, people’s hope and people’s futures – was able to get so far. The government have been denied the ability to do this. But only because of an unelected house. Only because of something that most people think should be abolished spoke up.

It is a major victory for Labour too however. They now have successfully opposed the government, with help from many others. They are now the real opposition party and it is great. However, the PLP still had many MPs defy the Labour whip. They were still unable to block this from going through the commons. We need to see the PLP get into line, or we need some of them to be put out on the line. We need the PLP to realize that Jeremy is leader now, and changing that fact now will only lose you support, me being someone who would leave the party if this were to happen. Get yourself into line, because without a strong, united opposition, the Tories will win in 2020. Not because of Corbyn or McDonnell, but because of your inability to accept the fact that the people have spoken.

We may have received a victory from the lords, we may now have an opposition to the present government, but at what cost? The Tories are vindictive, malicious and vengeful people. They will not simply back down. They will never allow us to get away with this and we will be punished. We need to get ready. we need to prepare ourselves of four years of this punishment. We need to stand together in unity and solidarity to fight the tory rhetoric. We have established ourselves as an oposing force to the tory agenda of fear, hate and social divide, now let’s carry on opposing.


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