Why can’t our Prime Minister answer our questions?

Not only was today a victory for Jeremy Corbyn, but it was a victory for the people of Britain. We have a government that is doing all it can to take part in the distribution of wealth. A distribution of taking from the poorest and most needy, and giving it to the wealthiest and most greedy. They call this Austerity. They say that our country has to save money, they say that we are living beyond our means, they say that they have to make ‘hard decisions’ in order to help our country. Lies, deception and utter greed. Their first attempt to institute this upwards distribution of wealth was the tax credit cuts that were unjustly pushed through the commons and amazingly defeated in the Lords. This was obviously a way of punishing the working poor for being poor. However, after the defeat of this bill by the peers, the government chucked their toys out of the pram and have decided to institute the cuts to tax credits in a ‘different’ way. People who rely on these tax credits, who do all that is asked of them are still in the dark, they are still scared that they will be pushed into destitution through these cuts. Jeremy Corbyn attempted to ask the Prime Minister, on behalf of these people, if they will still be worse off next year, when these cuts are introduced. But why did David Cameron not answer?

Jeremy Corbyn asked Cameron six times if these tax credits would still make people worse off next year, and to all of these questions, Cameron chose not to answer. He went on about all the other things that could help people who will be affected and even made a few digs at Corbyn himself in an attempt to divert the question. But Corbyn stuck to it and was relentless in asking this what should be simple and easy question. Corbyn has shed light on the shadow that now remains. Will the government listen to the people and stop oppressing the most vulnerable in our society, or will he carry on and help destroy these people’s livelihoods and push them into deeper poverty?

Cameron’s science says all. He knows that the Tories still plan to go through with this unjust policy. He has seen what the media have done when he lied about not cutting tax credits before the election so he is keeping his mouth shut. He will not say that people will not be worse off next year because he knows they will and he does not want to give the media any more ammunition. Cameron is a liar, he is a cheat, and he is not fit to be our Prime Minister. Jeremy Corbyn hammered Cameron today, showing that truth can prevail over Tory spin. But the problem i had with PMQs today was the Conservative’s absolute disrespect of Corbyn. Shouting over him, jeering at him and acting like absolute kids, these are meant to be people who represent us. They are a shame on Britain. The Tories are so smug after they won this year’s election, they do not see that it will be their demise.

Corbyn may be quite a marmite leader, but Cameron is just as bad. The latest polls said that net 10% of people agree Jeremy Corbyn should be gone by 2020, something the media can’t stop telling us about. However, in the same poll net 8% say that Cameron should be gone by 2020. This shows that Cameron is unpopular too. As for Corbyn’s unpopularity, there has been a great change in politics after Corbyn’s victory. A change that people are still trying to get used to. Corbyn is not the most liked Labour leader, but his support is growing, whatever the media say. The same poll also says that the voting intention of the public that they surveyed was 35% for the Tories, but 35% also for Labour. This is astonishing, Labour are close to the Tories, closer than they were before the election, d not trust the media. Furthermore 57% of people polled were dissatisfied with the way the government is running our country, against 38% who are satisfied. In addition to this, when asked if they are satisfied with David Cameron’s leadership of our country, 51% were dissatisfied with just 42% satisfied.

We should not rely on polls, but if they are being used against us, we may as well use them back. However, Labour still has a long way to go until the next General election. Today was a victory for Labour, showing that yet again, they are the party for the working people, not the Tories. David Cameron did not answer Corbyn’s question today because he knew that what he is going to do will destroy the working poor, and he can’t lie again. But he is, he does and he will, and it is our job to make sure that we show the public what is really going on. That we show the that the Tories are distributing wealth from the poor, to the wealthy, making the poor poorer and the rich richer. All at the expense of our people. David Cameron’s promises to our country are false, just like his party’s want to be the party for the working people. They are not making work pay, only making the workers pay. These liars need to be held to account for what they are doing.


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