We have the foundations – now let’s build.

After watching Question Time on Thursday, I lost a bit of hope in Labour, thinking that they would be unable to galvanize the public both in Scotland and in England. The reception that Dugdale got from the audience was cold, it was sceptical and it was not very hopeful for Scotland. However, we have seen a massive change in politics. We have seen something new. Something that Britain is not used to. We have seen a politician rise to power from nothing. Not through lies, not through deception, but through truth.

It is something that I can see people being sceptical about. I can see why people will be weary of this change. We as a country are so used to lies, to deception. This is shown through the public’s reaction to the deception over the tax credit cuts. David Cameron lied to the public. But the public seem to have allowed it. There was a sense that it was expected that they would lie to us. This just shows the state our political system is in. We accept the politics of lies and cheats, but are sceptical about the politics of truth and hope.

The only way we can bet this. The only way that we as a country can reject being deceived, is to build a movement that represents truth and hope. The foundations of this movement have been laid through the ascension of Corbyn on a platform of a kinder politics. We need to build upon these foundations, before the people who represent these lies try to destroy our movement from those very foundations.

Let’s get behind Jeremy, let’s represent hope and kindness. We need more people to get involved in every part of our country from Scotland to Cornwall, Wales to East Anglia. We need support. We need help. And we need hope and kindness to drive our movement. Let’s not allow our movement to be destroyed by those who have a vested interest against it. We need to lead a movement of unity against their movement of division. Let’s support a man who wants to support us. Let’s build on the foundations of Jeremy’s leadership. Let’s show them that our strength, our unity, can defy their lies.


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