Redistribution of wealth – They are doing it the wrong way round!

Austerity is something that we have not really seen in Britain. We march against it, we blog about it, and we accuse Cameron and Osborne of it, but really, we have not had a lot of it. The Tories are cutting many things, from tax credits to benefits, but they are not achieving one of their main goals, to get the deficit down. What they are doing, however, is a major change in the dominion of wealth. They are taking part in a mass redistribution of wealth.

I love the thought of redistributing wealth around our economy so that we do not have the richest five families in the UK having dominion over 20% of the UK’s wealth. I love the thought that we should not have people unable to feed their children, to heat their houses and that they should be able to afford these basic needs. Redistribution of wealth is an idea that i think is essential to undoing the misery, the pain and the destitution that has been pushed on the most vulnerable in our society over the past 30 years. The Tories are redistributing wealth around our economy, they are moving it from one part of our society to the other just as i advocate. But not exactly. The Tories are, instead of taking just a fraction of the wealth from the rich, from the most wealthy and secure, they are taking it from the aforementioned most vulnerable and needy in our society. They are cutting tax credits in order to fund their changes to inheritance tax which will allow the most wealthy to pay less tax, and in some cases pay none on their money. They are cutting expenditure on our police force, at the same time that they are decreasing corporation tax. They have stopped the renovation of hundreds and hundreds of schools, whilst at the same time they were putting more than a third of our GDP into the banks, leading to nothing but big banker’s bonuses, and an increase in the price of bank owned assets. This is what we are fighting against when we say no more austerity. This is what is causing social divides, what is destroying people’s lives, and what is leaving them nothing but cold, unfed children who they can not afford to keep. It is the Tories’ ideologically driven redistribution of wealth that is causing a class war between the mega-rich, and the mega-poor.

It is in these times that we need to start thinking about how we can help our economy, instead of cripple it like the Tories are doing at the moment. We need some Keynesian economics. We need to invest in infrastructure, we need to make sure people are being paid a proper living wage, and we need to control exorbitant prices of housing.

We need to make a massive change in our economical attitude. It is not destroying the most needy and vulnerable that will help us recover, it is making sure that these people are getting what they need and are able to provide for their families. It is putting them in a secure house, with a secure job and have secure prices. It is making sure that there is equality in our society instead of class war. It is a change like this that we need, if we are to see the end of destitution, of class war. And the only people who are able to bring this change on such a scale is Labour. We need to make sure that we do not let the Tories cloud us with their spin and propaganda. We need to fight against this unequal ideology that the poor must suffer and the rich must thrive in order for an economic recovery. Austerity does not work. It may work for the Conservatives with their agenda to divide and destroy. But it does not work for the millions of people who are struggling to get their basic needs. We need to help them instead of the ones who wish to destroy us. Let’s get some change, after 30 years of utter torment. Maybe then, we can have an equal society, and we can have a country that is not plummeting into more and more debt. Two things that the Tories are yet to do.


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