The Blairites – Their attempts of a coup will not work

Today showed the rifts that the Labour party still faces from within. Rifts that are created by the people who should be preaching unity against the Tories. Tristam Hunt MP spoke at Cambridge University today about the situation that Labour is in. He said that it was ‘in the s**t’ and that the people he was addressing (The Cambridge Labour Club) were ‘The 1% who must take charge’. This is something that we should never hear from a Labour MP’s mouth, this is Tory speak.

Hunt has destroyed any credibility he once had. He has shown us that him and the Tories are actually not to distant in their beliefs. Labour is a party for the working people, it was created to protect them, and to represent them as much as is possible. However we lost our way through the Blair-Brown years. We became just as Tory as the Tories. But now, under Corbyn, we have found our values, and we should not be ashamed of that. We are being led by a leader that is not a member of the elite, that is not a member of the Oxbridge club nor is he a member of the ‘1%’. We have a leader that can represent the working class, and Hunt does not like this. Hunt would much rather us all be ruled by the elite, he must hate the fact that Labour has gone against his, and many other ideologies of class and the absence of a social ladder. Corbyn has broken all expectations, he has defied the blairites in his party, and he has accumulated a backing from the public, who need and want change.

What is Tristam Hunt playing at? Does he not understand that the time of an elitist labour is over? That we now are represented by someone who can represent us and has not led a privileged life or been protected by the hardships of society. Tristam Hunt is going against everything Labour stands for and frankly, he seems to have a very big sense of self-worth. Well Mr Hunt, you are nothing. You and the blairites that back you are throwing your toys out of the plan because you can no longer control the public. You can no longer deceive us into thinking that you will provide an equal and fair society. The Labour party membership has spoken, so start doing your job and listen to them. I really do believe that Hunt and his other cronies should be deselected next time round if they carry on with their betrayal of their own party.

The whole problem with the people who are speaking out against LAbour from the inside is that they are hypocrites. They say how bad Corbyn will be, how bad he will fail and constantly undermine him, when at the same time they are saying that the problem with Corbyn is that he has created a major rift in the party. How can you be even mor ignorant. The only reason Labour is being broken into two, is because you are constantly, publicly undermining our leader. People like Tristam Hunt are a threat to the security of the Labour party more so than Corbyn could ever be. My message to them is they should shut up, or they should be de-selected.

All of these people who are speaking out against Corbyn have only been seen to be getting abuse from others and their popularity has taken a toll. It seems that these Blairite coup attempts never work. They tried it before Corbyn’s election, by getting major figures to speak out against him, and it only increased Corbyn’s popularity. They are trying to do this again, and it will fail. These MPs should stop being so public, and if they do want to be public about it, they should leave our party. Stop destroying our party before we can function. We need the backing of all Labour MPs, only then can we really call us the Party that stands up for democracy, the working people and equality.


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