Unfair redistribution of wealth in the UK – The Truth

George Osborne has led a successful campaign to rob the poorest of their money and give it to the rich and powerful in our society. There is a social change in the UK, one that only brings about the widening of the chasm that is apparent in British society between the upper and lower classes. A campaign led by our chancellor in a bid to redistribute our wealth from the bottom to the top, crippling the most vulnerable, and strengthening the most powerful. It is the old trick of divide and destroy. I have spoken about this bottom up redistribution of wealth prior to this, but i would like to put it into context. We are being deceived by Osborne in our country’s prosperity, and in the words of John McDonnell; the chancellor’s policies are not leading to a recovery, but in fact a robbery. Instead of making work pay, the Tories are making the workers pay. But for what? For the enrichment of the upper classes in our society.

The Chancellor’s policies to award the mega-wealthy are an attack on our democracy. corporation tax has been reduced from 28-18% to the tune of an 8bn pound loss for the country, showing tCat the Conservatives are more committed to helping their friends in big business than they are the people who need help the most. This, coupled with the Capital Gains Tax relief which gives us a loss of 5bn pounds, highlights how companies are being allowed to exploit our workers, and get a nice big subsidy in the meantime. A tax cut on millionaires from 50-45%, increase in the inheritance tax threshold (1m) are even more examples of the lies we are being fed. What this shows is that we have elected a Government that is running for the businesses, and not for the people. It is putting profit before our people and the most powerful before the most vulnerable. We are having money taken out of a pot that could fund the NHS, public services, or our welfare state. Money that is being given to the businesses and super-rich in our society. Not only is the Chancellor awarding the rich for being rich, but he is also punishing the poor for being poor.

The tax credit cuts will take 4.5 bn out of people’s hands. Money that will be used to stimulate demand, to buy things and to make sure that people are not starving or freezing because of the lack of a real living wage in our society. This money is not just going, but it is being put into the aforementioned rewards to the rich, helping fund the reduction in corporation tax. Sick and disabled people are facing a 30% cut in their employment and support allowance. Meaning they will no longer be able to afford their needs and will be pushed into destitution and poverty. These are the most vulnerable in our society, these are the people who need our support, that can’t provide for themselves and need some help. These are people who a Government should be putting money into, making  sure that they are not at a disadvantage because of their situations, yet our Government takes money they need away from them. Yet our Government decides to fund the rich instead of the needy. The DWP will also be placing their goons in food banks as employment advisors, making the poor feel guilty for a situation that they can not change. These are desperate people, they need us, but we are not there. People are being destroyed, they are being robbed and they are being lied to by the Conservatives. We are seeing a massive increase in social inequality, under the coalition government, food banks rose by 400%, people are in need, they are desperate; and this is all due to the Government. People are in destitution, they are being thrust deeper into poverty, but as a result of the Government’s failure to invest in us, the people. Instead they give handouts to the top.

We are being lied to, Osborne and his Tories are robbing from the poor in order to fund their friends. It is wrong, it is a betrayal of the working people of the UK and something must change. We are never going to see a real recovery for the working people, if we don’t end the robbery of wealth from the working people. Let’s get together against them. Let’s tell the public of their deception.


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