Prime Minister’s Questions? more like Prime Minister’s Diversions.

Yesterday’s PMQs was in my opinion a win for Corbyn. It was also a win for the people of Britain. David Cameron is trying very hard to mask his utter contempt for the leader of the opposition, but he is failing. This is not necessarily a good thing for Cameron as he is starting to use PMQs just to attack Corbyn instead of answering him.

When faced with real worries that normal people have about society, Cameron just does not answer the question. When told about people’s worries of another winter crisis in the NHS, he decided to slander the labour party, calling it Trotskyist, Marxist, and Communist. The prime minister still won’t tell us if the 4.6 million people who use tax credits will be worse off next year. Instead of answering this question, Corbyn was laughed at and jeered at by the Conservatives. They are showing their true colours, they are showing his ignorant they are. They laugh at other people’s plight, they jeer at our worries, and they don’t even let Corbyn speak. They are out of touch, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I do, however have one slight criticism of Corbyn. He lets them walk all over him. It is so sad to see him just let the Prime Minister off when he slanders him and the policies he has. Corbyn never bites back, he never tries to score some points with the prime minister. He does not have to sink into a personality slander tennis match, but he needs to reply with facts, with truths, and with a bit of ferocity. I love he thought of the new style of PMQs, but it just lets the prime minister off of the hook. Corbyn needs to attack the prime minister and hold him account for what he and his party are doing to our country.

I absolutely admire how Corbyn can remain charm when those ignorant, vile and disgraceful Conservatives jeer at him, I certainly couldn’t. But the Leader of the opposition needs to get back at Cameron. He needs to show him that we will not stand for spin and indoctrination. He needs to make sure he never lets the prime minister score political points. He can still keep the integrity of the new PMQs, but with a bit more of a back-and-forth.


2 thoughts on “Prime Minister’s Questions? more like Prime Minister’s Diversions.

  1. No I disagree. JC does not need to enter into point scoring. He does need to keep the questions coming from the public. Cameron the master debator can brush off JC with huff and spin but cannot so easily do it with members of the public.


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