Shadow Cabinet Coup – Will it work?

The ‘moderate’ front benchers in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet are apparently ready to go ahead with a mass resignation in order to try to decrease support for Corbyn and force another leadership election.

These moderates are not moderate at all. They are red Tories. They are making Jeremy Corbyn seem unelectable in the public eye. All as an attempt to get what they want, after a leadership election spoke volumes of how the membership want the Labour party to change. Basically, a mass throwing of toys out of their prams. They can not understand that their politics, the politics of spin, lies and Tory policies dressed up in a red tie; is dead. Jeremy Corbyn won 60% of the membership’s vote. If the Blairites try and go through with deposing Corbyn, those members will be their biggest hurdle. The Labour party is democratic, but the Blairites only recognise that when they are winning. Democracy is not subjective, it is what it is and there is no changing it. Therefore their plans, if they are true, are a disgrace to democracy.

My feelings on this mass resignation are quite pleased. I say let them do it. Let them force another leadership election and let us show them that they can not disrupt the democratic process by trying to transcend the public. The Blairites won’t gain control of a party whose members are so very much behind Corbyn. They are living in la la land if they think that they can in any way disregard that 60% of the membership. Members that will campaign for Labour, but not another New Labour. Once Corbyn has been elected again to the leadership, he then needs to give them an ultimatum. Walk out if the door, or get behind him. I believe an attempted coup will only strengthen Corbyn’s rule.

What we need to do is make sure that these so-called ‘moderates’ are aware that the membership has spoken, and they will continue to speak. New Labour is dead, Blairism is dead, they should accept Corbyn or leave. Let’s make sure they know who we support.


2 thoughts on “Shadow Cabinet Coup – Will it work?

  1. If another leadership election where to he forced, would Corbyn still need to get 35 nominations from MPs? If he did, I wonder if he’d get them again?


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