It is hard being on the left.

It seems to me that being a right-winger is the easy option today. It is easy to accept social norms, it is easy to comply with what is considered “moderate” in the public eye. But really, what is the public eye? It is the media. With our newspapers and news channels taking a right-wing view on everything, it is easy to not see through them. To take everything that you are given and believe what you are told. The followers of the right are – in my opinion – either absolutely selfish or absolutely indoctrinated. Therefore, in a country so filled with misinterpreted information, it is very easy to see why someone would be a follower of the right. Moreover, this is probably why we in Britain have had 35 years of this indoctrination and have allowed our oppressors to pass over the baton of power to ever increasingly right wing governments.

It was becoming more and more difficult to be a left-winger as the country was becoming more and more right-wing (note how i say ‘was’ as i think this has changed significantly with the election of Corbyn). It is still quite hard to be a leftist even today. There is no real mainstream left media platform out there for us, and we are usually equated to the USSR, and the Bolsheviks. Just as a side, what we saw in Russia from 1917 to 1989 was not Communism, it was state capitalism. The Bolsheviks even themselves rejected many of Marx’s essential points. To say that they have anything to do with the founder of Marxism is a shame on us all. So when Cameron replies to Corbyn by calling him a Communist or a Marxist, he is the epitome of how hard it is to be a left winger. With the constant miss-representation of left-wing politics and Marxism, we can’t win.

What we on the left subscribe to is not oppressive, it is not a system that provides inequality. The left is a place where we inspire hope, where we want to provide for everyone and make sure that we are all equal. The right-wing media and many politicians have used their spin to make us believe that we are trying to repeat what the Bolsheviks did in 1917, but we are not. Personally, i think that we don’t need a revolution, but an evolution. We need to see drastic change, but through democratic means. I believe that most of us agree with this. We, ultimately believe in solidarity and creating a mass movement that can be used as a vehicle for the changes we wish to bring to our society. What the left also seems to have a problem with sometimes is division. Let’s not divide against the real enemy. All that is going to do is put us even further away from where we want to be, in power.

We now have a chance, an opportunity to get where we want. Corbyn has defied the odds through getting elected on an anti-austerity platform. He is a socialist leader of a mainstream party, he is a miracle of politics. But people are against us, many have aims that would be fractured if we did get into power. They will do anything to bring the fall of Corbyn. They are people in high places, people who have vested interests in the establishment, they are strong and powerful people. But we can be strong too. We, if we defy the right-wing policy of division, can also be strong and powerful. If we get together in a show of strength against the establishment, we will prevail. We will destroy these vested interests and instead create a society that is equal. It is hard being on the left, but we have a massive opportunity with Corbyn, one we can’t let slip away. We need to destroy those vested interests against us through democratic means. We need to stop this government that is ready to destroy everything we hold dear. Only socialism can save us now.


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