Nationalism – Helping the Tories win

Nationalism is a problem that we are facing in our country. It is something that is created from desperate situations, where we think we can’t do anything but blame others for our plight. Nationalism breeds division, it nurtures and cultivates divisions between cultures, countries and individuals. We are seeing a massive rise in nationalistic thoughts within the UK today. With UKIP getting quite a lot of votes in may and the SNP domination the General Elections in Scotland, we face a crisis. A crisis, that the Tories love. They know that if they make our society even worse, we turn to nationalistic tendencies. These tendencies mean we don’t blame the real people for the problems we face, we blame immigrants, or in the SNP’s case, they blame England.

Nationalism worked for the Nazis, they were able to divide Germany during a major crisis. I am not saying the SNP are Nazis, but they are getting their votes from the divisions caused by the Tories. They say that we are divided and this is why they move towards nationalism, but really, they are deepening the divide. On Scotland, they have had quite a rough time at the hands of Labour and the Tories and we may probably never see them return to the fold. They have every right to hate Westminster, i do too. What they should not do is turn their backs on it, they need to help change it. Change it in a way that we can get rid of the divisions the Tories are pushing on our society, and make way for a government that stands up for all of us, not just England, not just Scotland, but the United Kingdom. In my view the only government that can do this is a Labour one. The SNP may be doing okay for Scotland, other than some of their policies which are not really anti-austerity; but they are not an ends, just the means to this ends. The means to defying the Tories, the ends is Labour. Now you may see me as just another LAbour supporter who wants to rule Scotland from Westminster, but i don’t. I think that Scotland should get massive devolution, but we should all stick together instead of divide. If Scotland really was left-wing then it would see the need for unity instead of division against the Tories. The SNP are not needed any more, Labour is no longer the party it was, and it will be even more of a left wing movement by the time we come to vote. What Scotland needs to choose is division, or unity.

UKIP is something different, i have too much to say about what i believe about Farage and his disgusting excuse of a party, they use nationalism to point their guns at immigrants instead of the government. I will not write about these views i have about UKIP here as there is a lot i have against them, i will have to devote a whole post to them.

In the end we need to choose between an ideology of nationalism, division and Tory rule or an ideology of hope, unity and solidarity. We can’t let the Tories encourage the divisions of which they can use to conquer, we need to full those divisions with strength and only then can we really beat the Tories.


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