The row over Corbyn’s bow – Who is really patriotic?

On Sunday, the cenotaph fell silent. It fell silent in remembrance for all those who have lost their lives in wars. Wars that have been ignited out of the greed and corruption that politics can bring. Personally, i do not wear a poppy during this time, I believe it is a symbol that has been hijacked by our politicians to justify our involvement in wars prior to WW2. I believe that the ‘poppy fascism’ is a disgrace to those people who have died so needlessly because of war. I do not wear the poppy because i do not agree with war. I do not agree with unnecessary war and i believe that most of our involvement in wars post 1945 were absolutely unnecessary. However, I do still give money to the sellers of these poppies as I absolutely feel for everyone who has seen the hardships and suffered the consequences of politicians chucking our children, family and friends into war and terror. On Sunday, I was humbled. I was, as ever, reflecting. Sunday was a day that we remember our past to make sure that we never repeat it. To make sure that we never let mindless politicians throw a whole generation away through unnecessary war.

The group of political leaders shadowed by former Prime Ministers was also quite an interesting mix of people. People with blood on their hands. People who some should never have even been invited. Only the leader of the Labour party and the leader of the SNP are people whose hands are clean.

Now, the biggest thing to come out of this ceremony was the bow row. Jeremy Corbyn did bow, whatever anyone says. He bowed in a decent manner, and showed the utmost respect for those who have fallen. His note was in itself humbling, saying that we should all resolve in securing peace. It is a massive shame that the Sun have latched onto this story, and are again, portraying Corbyn as unpatriotic. This is a man who does not want to throw innocent lives away for no apparent reason. This is a man who wants to make sure that the veterans of these wars are fully supported. This is a man who will not incite war and violence to others and will never look to war as his first option. Jeremy Corbyn was the only real patriotic leader at the cenotaph on Sunday. Blair has masses of our soldiers’ blood on his hands, as do Major and Brown. Along with the PM who wants to get ourselves tangled into another middle eastern affair with Syria. These people want war, they do not care about the scores of people who will die, they just want to try to prove that Britain is still great. They are a disgrace to all those needless lives that have been thrown away because of our establishment, using lies, deceit and manipulation.

David Cameron got no slack on Sunday. He was presented by the media as being respectful and patriotic. Lies. The Tories and Cameron have led a campaign that has forgotten our most needy and is only looking to the most greedy. Cameron sacked 30,000 troops, putting them out of a job and ignores th 9,000 ex-servicemen that areĀ homeless and have nowhere to go. We are a country that allows this to happen. We allow a man who couldn’t give a damn about the suffering, the struggles of war, to be called patriotic and respectful. In the end, the establishment don’t see the effects of their failures in foreign policy, the ordinary working people do. People who did not choose for their sons, fathers, mothers, daughters and partners to be marched to their deaths. We can not let him get away with this con. Jeremy Corbyn is the only one who will really ensure that our friends and families will not be devastated by the atrocities of war. Corbyn, after the ceremony, went to speak with and watch the veterans, while others went to the Home Office for a VIP event. He was the only leader that stayed to pay his respects. He is the only leader that cares. Whatever the media say, they will never destroy that fact. Corbyn cares about Britain.

We have seen how the media can try to destroy anyone who opposes them. We have seen what the press can do to distort a story. We have to stand firm and make sure that we never repeat the atrocities of the past, and we hold those to account who have deceived us, lied to us and cheated us out of a peaceful life of hope, not fear. Of love, not hate, of peace, not war.


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