Corbyn’s war on Trident.

Glen Houghton, the leader of the UK’s armed forces intervened in on the Trident debate that is threatening to divide Labour. His opinion was deeply disappointing. This is a man who is meant to be an advisor, not a policy maker. He has no right to publicly denounce Corbyn’s policy. This public denouncement of policies is not something that only Houghton is guilty of, many of the PLP are also just as guilty.

The leader of the army obviously has a bias towards keeping Trident. His job is to focus on military, his job is to represent the army, and he does not look at other perspectives. Therefore, whatever they say, we need to take with a pinch of salt. This bias is the exact reason why he should never have aired his views on the Andrew Marr Show, he is giving people a one-sided opinion. Trident is going to cost our country 167 billion pounds, a lot of money. A waste of money. We are never going to use this ‘deterrent’ and if we ever did, it would quite literally mean the end of the UK. Firstly, it is said that if we get rid of Trident, what is stopping russia from nuking us? Well, Russia has a massive amount of nukes and if it really wanted to get us, it would not even care that we have a few missiles, it means nothing. Secondly, if we were in a situation where that button was pressed, it would mean our utter destruction by the enemies that we will make from that launch. Either way we are still at risk of being destroyed, only if you have Trident you can millions of innocence in the process. Another argument against the scrapping of Trident’s renewal is that there are so many jobs dependant on Trident. This is false as the MOD has revealed that only 520 Faslane jobs are dependant on trident. With 167 billion pounds in our pockets, i think we can find some other jobs of an equal calibre for the people who will lose their occupation.

We don’t need Trident. What we need is more money being put into public expenditure. We need to invigorate our economy through the people who actually spend within it, the middle-to-low earners. 167 billion pounds could massively help our economy, it is money that could be saved from being wasted and used to help us, the people. The people in the PLP who are vocally for Trident should see this. They should look at the fact that we have a real problem in our society that needs to be dealt with now. A housing bubble ready to pop, a crisis in government investment into infrastructure and vital institutions, and the unfair bottom up redistribution of wealth from poor to rich by the present Tory government. These are problems that will affect us before the nonexistent threat from Russia. We are still threatened now and we have the nukes we profess to stop this threat, they don’t. The PLP, especially the shadow cabinet need to get behind Corbyn on this one. Corbyn’s discussion with his cabinet ministers yesterday, telling them to air their views privately not publically, was one step towards Corbyn’s acceptance as Labour leader. He has collected a lot of stick for telling them to shut it, but if you are on the shadow cabinet, you should tow the party line. Corbyn is the democratically elected leader of the Labour party and what he says should go.

We need to make sure everybody knows the risks of Trident and its trade-off with our social needs. We need to make sure that we oppose it at every level and make sure that people are not sucked into the trap of false security. The world is a dangerous place, whether you have nukes or not. We are only helping to make it even more dangerous by keeping trident and posing a threat to other countries. Let’s not point the gun at very powerful nations, they can point an even bigger one in our direction. We need everyone in Britain to come together and oppose Trident and its effects.


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