Jeremy Hunt – Pathing the way for a Private Health Service

After the Junior Doctor’s voted with 98% to go ahead with strike action against Jeremy Hunt’s diktat, what should the public response be? Should we berate these Junior Doctors, or should we back them?

Firstly, Juniour Doctors are vital to the stability of our NHS, they are the foot soldiers of the army of health workers in our country. They are doing a vital job, working long hours with no pay rise and are facing the Government’s wrath. A wrath that is not just horrific, but will make their jobs worse, causing many to leave. When these Juniour Doctors do leave, what will happen? We will have an even bigger hole in the NHS. The conservatives know this, they see the failure they are creating and they wish to capitalize on it.

It seems that the Govenment’s intentions here are to weaken the NHS, to make sure it seems like it is failing internally, and use the public support that this creates to introduce the NHS to their rich friends in the City. They are paving the way for a mass-privatisation of one of the greatest assets that our country has, one of the greatest jewels of our country. We can not let this happen, we need to make sure we support these Juniour Doctors wherever they require it. We need to put pressure on Jeremt Hunt to give them what they want, things that are not radical, they are just common sense. Jeremy Hunt wants to put the public opinion against the NHS, against Junior Doctors and he wants to capitalise upon this. Leaders of the NHS and the BMA have even come out to say that Juniour Doctors have no choice. Jeremy Hunt’s diktat upon these Doctors is disgraceful, it is a shame on Britain if we treat our most vital of workers like this.

Juniour Doctors have no other option, Hunt won’t talk to them, and they can’t allow this new contract to go through. What needs to happen is that the British people need to make sure that they are getting directly behind Junior Doctors. We need to show the Governement that they can not go around dismantling everything that we treasure as a country. They are seeling off our infrastructure, our defence, our factors of production left right and centre. When will we wake up and see that a strike will only work if we back them. We may have three days of struggle, but it will show the Government some home truths. These Doctors are vital, and if this contract goes through, then Junior Doctors will leave, our NHS will continue to fail, and we will find an even bigger problem than just a few strikes. Think of the alternative, think of what will happen when this contract goes through, how our frontline healthcare soldiers will be crushed by our Government. Let’s get behind these Doctors, let’s make sure that we dont let them destroy our healthcare once and for all. Let’s oppose the Tories, and secure the future of our NHS, a National Health Service, not a Private one.


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