The road to war – Where’s the Austerity now?

It seems that Cameron and his cronies want us to be bombing Syria within two weeks, saying that it is vital for Britain to, ‘play it’s own part in leading the fight against ISIS’. We are being rushed into another war, lied to in the same ways, and we all seem to think that this is different. But, war is not free, it costs money. In light of the Syria question, it seems Osborne has forgotten he needs to get the deficit down.

Tony Benn was right when he said ‘if you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people’. The Government have been telling us that they can’t possibly help the most vulnerable and worse off in our society because we have not got the money for it. They fail to help schools, they fail to help the police force and they are failing our NHS. We as a country are having to take cuts here and cuts there with no investment on us, the people. These cuts are causing the NHS to fail and run on a major deficit, they are making us less safe by the cuts to our police, and they are making sure that we can’t learn in an environment that is clean, tidy and not falling apart. Not only in these sectors but in other vital sectors too. The Chancellor even still wants to take 4.6bn pounds off the most needy and vulnerable in our society through the tax credit changes he is getting ready to announce. This will increase inequality, it will secure children’s lives in poverty and it will destroy many families. The show of the governments failure to provide is in the rise of food banks. In the past year, food bank usage has risen by 163%. This means that even more people are not able to feed their families; the working poor, people who we need to support, but people that the government failed to support. All this because we don’t have enough money and we have to get the deficit down, before we can help anyone.

Here is another lie, the deficit. We have been told that the Conservatives are the people to rely on for economic prosperity. We are told that they are getting the deficit down. But they are not. In nearly six years since their rise to power, the Tories have borrowed more money than Labour have in their 13 years prior. When the Chancellor took charge in 2015, the deficit was 811bn pounds, now it is 1505bn pounds. They are lying to us, and those lies are at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society. It seems that Syrian intervention will be another excuse at the next election for why the Conservatives have failed to balance the books, but it shouldn’t be. The deficit is a toy with which the Conservatives use as an additional excuse not to help people. They say we need to focus on the economy and the deficit, but they are making it worse, just so that they don’t have to put their hands in their own pockets and help others.

Yet now we miraculously have money for a war? No, we have always had money, but the Tories won’t give the people any. Money in their view is something that only the rich should have, and the poor, debt. What I say is that we should have an economy not intent only on helping the rich, but the poor too. What I say is that we have an economy that is armed not to kill people at the expense of helping them. Austerity is a lie, but we can’t spend money on a war that will only fracture our own security. Let’s change our economics, let’s make Britain work for the many, not the few.



Jeremy Hunt – Pathing the way for a Private Health Service

After the Junior Doctor’s voted with 98% to go ahead with strike action against Jeremy Hunt’s diktat, what should the public response be? Should we berate these Junior Doctors, or should we back them?

Firstly, Juniour Doctors are vital to the stability of our NHS, they are the foot soldiers of the army of health workers in our country. They are doing a vital job, working long hours with no pay rise and are facing the Government’s wrath. A wrath that is not just horrific, but will make their jobs worse, causing many to leave. When these Juniour Doctors do leave, what will happen? We will have an even bigger hole in the NHS. The conservatives know this, they see the failure they are creating and they wish to capitalize on it.

It seems that the Govenment’s intentions here are to weaken the NHS, to make sure it seems like it is failing internally, and use the public support that this creates to introduce the NHS to their rich friends in the City. They are paving the way for a mass-privatisation of one of the greatest assets that our country has, one of the greatest jewels of our country. We can not let this happen, we need to make sure we support these Juniour Doctors wherever they require it. We need to put pressure on Jeremt Hunt to give them what they want, things that are not radical, they are just common sense. Jeremy Hunt wants to put the public opinion against the NHS, against Junior Doctors and he wants to capitalise upon this. Leaders of the NHS and the BMA have even come out to say that Juniour Doctors have no choice. Jeremy Hunt’s diktat upon these Doctors is disgraceful, it is a shame on Britain if we treat our most vital of workers like this.

Juniour Doctors have no other option, Hunt won’t talk to them, and they can’t allow this new contract to go through. What needs to happen is that the British people need to make sure that they are getting directly behind Junior Doctors. We need to show the Governement that they can not go around dismantling everything that we treasure as a country. They are seeling off our infrastructure, our defence, our factors of production left right and centre. When will we wake up and see that a strike will only work if we back them. We may have three days of struggle, but it will show the Government some home truths. These Doctors are vital, and if this contract goes through, then Junior Doctors will leave, our NHS will continue to fail, and we will find an even bigger problem than just a few strikes. Think of the alternative, think of what will happen when this contract goes through, how our frontline healthcare soldiers will be crushed by our Government. Let’s get behind these Doctors, let’s make sure that we dont let them destroy our healthcare once and for all. Let’s oppose the Tories, and secure the future of our NHS, a National Health Service, not a Private one.

What happened to remembrance?

It has only been a week since we were meant to be remembering the fallen in so many unnecessary wars. Yet we are now getting ready to start another. ISIS are a disgusting organisation, they are horrific and they should be wiped out. But bombs and troops will not do this.

Our foreign policy in the middle has failed, we are not peacekeepers, but war-makers. ISIS are an ideology. Ideologies will not be destroyed by physical means, we need to destroy the mentality. This requires an alternative for the Syrian people. Not oppression vs oppression. We need to create a settlement that means Syria becomes a state that is properly democratic. ISIS will only be wiped out if we stop creating divisions against ourselves and start providing unity to all. If there is one thing that they must hate, it is unity.

A war is only the elite’s excuse to send other peoples sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and family off to war. We can not let our past mistakes repeat themselves. War does not work. It will never work, we need an alternative.

David Cameron has come out today and announced a commons vote to bomb Syria. This is horrific. We are not going to be bombing ISIS, but thousands of innocent lives. Lives that the west seems not to care about. What happens if we do this is that the people who have seen their relations destroyed by us, will either join ISIS, or flee from them into Europe. We are creating our own problems so that our governments can use these problems to get their ultimate goal, instability. With unity, not only can we defeat ISIS, but we can also defeat their funders, the West.

I hate religion personally, I think it is only another way of control over the masses. But I do not hate people who are religious. Muslims are being subjected to absolute hatred by the West. This is what they want. They want us to divide against muslims, against anyone. They can fill this divide with hatred and tension against us and can recruit through it. We need to show them that they do not represented the muslims, and they will never make us react as if we are them.

A week ago we seemed to understand our failures. We seemed to know that in these situations war does not work, only fans flame the already blowing flames of war. We need not to forget that so close to remembrance, instead we need to unite in democracy and show them that ISIS shall not destroy and divide us, but will only make us stronger in our ideology of peace and hope. We can’t let our MP’s vote on the fate of thousands of people. War is never the best or only option. Just an option that suits the elite.

The failure of our foreign policy – Terrorism, violence and devistation.

The whole western world has failed, and nobody is ready to take responsibility. The horrific events of last night show this failure, and president Hollande’s response was chilling. We are now witnessing a build-up of tensions that will not go away. A build up that will only be solved if we step back and review our failures. These failures that I speak of are failures of our foreign policy. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, the Americans funded the rebels who went against their invaders. These rebels became terrorist organizations. The same organisations that we were fighting against a few years ago. al-Qaeda were created by the Americans through funding and weapons, allowing them to grow, allowing them to become what they were a few years ago and what they are now. The west has taken absolute advantage of it, it has used these terrorists as an excuse of causing inexcusable amounts of war, pain and suffering in the middle east to make sure that the countries within this area are not able to consolidate. The failure here is the American’s and their shortsightedness, coupled with their denial of responsibility for their own actions. Actions that have really been driven by America’s interests in oil. In the end, it all seems to come down to that, oil.

More recently, we have seen the rise of ISIS in Syria and the surrounding states. ISIS is the epitome of the failures of the west with their policy of keeping the middle east unstable. Who armed the Syrians fighting the Assad regime? Who funds them and pushes arms into them? The west does. We have been backing the anti-Assad rebels, rebels who many have been incorporated into ISIS but others are still within the ‘moderate’ rebels. None of the rebels in Syria are ‘moderate’, they are extremists. We are funding extremism abroad to help destabilise the middle east so that america can occupy the oil fields. This extremism, when it reaches the west, is then used as a political toy, a lure to get the public behind military intervention on terrorism. This intervention then creates even more public support against this terrorism, but we can never win with terrorism. When we went into Afghanistan to defeat al-Qaeda, we came out with only dead soldiers and the struggle remained. What we are being told now, from the words of the leaders of the west, is that this is an ‘act of war’. I agree, these are horrible disgusting acts, but we can not let the west try to use it as a lure for us to allow them to continue with their agenda of an unstable middle east.

ISIS have come out saying that these attacks were a direct response to France’s involvement in Syrian airstrikes by the French. This should dissuade people from making the same mistakes, it should not be used as a glue to unite us all together under a lie. We have a foreign policy that has failed all of us. The blood of the attacks in Paris is as much on the west’s hands as it is the perpetrators of this crime. We have gone into their homes, destroyed everything they have in wars that could never have been won and then we wonder why they go against us. The west is starting bombing campaigns in Syria that will not only kill a few members of ISIS, but it will also kill many civilians. Their homes, their livelihoods and their entire country will be destroyed. What choice do you then have, when your mother and father have been killed by the west? When your family, friends and fellow citizens have been destroyed by the west. Your home, and your life is gone. What do you do? They join the fight against the west, against the people who have destroyed their homes, or they flee their country, they flee to Europe, where it is safe. The migrant crisis is caused by these interventions, and so is the growth of ISIS. We don’t need to have a foreign policy that creates our enemies, and uses them as a political toy. We don’t need to destroy these people’s homes, children and friends. We need not to intervene militarily. We need not to help build on the cycle that we are creating. The horrific and unspeakable acts that were committed by ISIS are absolutely abhorrent. But we are, and have done the same to the middle east. We need to take responsibility for our actions, we need to make sure that we don’t repeat the mistakes we have made in the past. Let’s hope that we see the realities of our foreign policy instead of treat it as a glue to stick together a policy that is broken and shattered. My thoughts are with everyone who was killed, innocents who did not deserve this. My thoughts are also with everyone around the world who is being affected by the west’s foreign policy. Let’s not allow a group of terrorists to rule our policymaking. We should be fighting the ISIS ideology, we should be making sure that we oppose them wherever we can, but not at the expense of our citizens and other citizens across the world. War is never the best option, nor is it ever the only one.

Britain First – The politics of division

After watching a horrifying documentary about Britain First, I realised that there was something very sinister in our country, something that – with my upbringing – i did not recognise. I was brought up in Wolverhampton, a city where there is an obvious and colourful mix of different cultures, religions and nationalities. I have therefore been brought up around these people, had relationships with them, and got to know a lot about their culture and ancestry. I love multiculturalism, but I do not agree with it. The idea I absolutely love, but the way in which the word ‘multiculturalism’ is used in our society makes me hate it even more. I think it is human nature for us to cohabit, we are all the same, we are all human. Whether the pigment of your skin is different, what does that mean? Whether you subscribe to one religion, or another, why should we care? whether you come from a very different country, what makes us any different? We are all in the same boat. We are all having to live on this planet, bouncing from crisis to crisis, how on earth is dividing us even more than we already are going to help us.

Britain First is trying to do exactly this, divide us. It says that we have to take back Britain from muslims and anyone who is not British. Well, there is a slight problem there as how can anyone ever define what being British is? Is it holding certain values? Is it being born here? Britain is a country, countries have borders to define where one country ends and another one starts. Britain is not a real physical thing, there is no natural Britain, just a made up one. Therefore, being British and claiming that a part of land is yours and everyone else is an outsider is ludicrous. Divisions in our society start with our borders, the nationalism that they bring only seeks to divide us and create tensions. Britain First plays on this. It incites nationalistic racism for what i can only see to be for the sake of division. We allow ourselves to be categorized, to be partitioned. Whether it be through race, class, culture or religion, we are constantly being told who we are.

Britain First tries to make people like me go against someone because of their culture and how it differentiates from mine. Why? If their culture really was a problem, do these racists not think that I – having been brought up with it around me – would have made my own decision to go against others because of their culture? I will tell you why I have not, I will tell you why I befriend the instead of sideline them. Because i understand their culture, not all of it, but lots of it. I think the real problem with the racists of today is that they do not talk to these people, they do not live around them, they do not grow up with them, nor do they learn in an environment surrounded by them. They isolate these ‘outsiders’ because they themselves are outsiders. They don’t understand these people, and they will never understand them as they oppose them before they can even think about speaking to them and learning from them. This is evident as there is much stronger racism in rural areas and places where it is very unusual to see a non-white, non-British person.

What we need to do is change our education system. We need to use it to make sure that we allow people to grow up with critical thought and an understanding of the cultural environment of which Britain is in. Divisions will do exactly what they say they do, they will divide us. Division is what creates struggles, what creates deprivation and what creates the racist culture that many are being brought up in today. These people are a vocal minority, but their voices are being heard. Let’s make sure we shout even louder than they do.

Another thing that i have learned is that if you actually look and listen to other cultures, religions and nationalities, we are really not as different as we think. We all share quite the same structural social hierarchy, we all have vaguely the same beliefs, and we could, if we work together, all live without tensions. If we focus on the similarities rather than the differences of our societies, then we will see the positives of social integration. We are all human, we all share the same history. We all inhabit this earth and need to get together to preserve it from war, from destruction and from division. Let’s not let the minority become the majority. oppose racism, speak louder than they can.

Corbyn’s war on Trident.

Glen Houghton, the leader of the UK’s armed forces intervened in on the Trident debate that is threatening to divide Labour. His opinion was deeply disappointing. This is a man who is meant to be an advisor, not a policy maker. He has no right to publicly denounce Corbyn’s policy. This public denouncement of policies is not something that only Houghton is guilty of, many of the PLP are also just as guilty.

The leader of the army obviously has a bias towards keeping Trident. His job is to focus on military, his job is to represent the army, and he does not look at other perspectives. Therefore, whatever they say, we need to take with a pinch of salt. This bias is the exact reason why he should never have aired his views on the Andrew Marr Show, he is giving people a one-sided opinion. Trident is going to cost our country 167 billion pounds, a lot of money. A waste of money. We are never going to use this ‘deterrent’ and if we ever did, it would quite literally mean the end of the UK. Firstly, it is said that if we get rid of Trident, what is stopping russia from nuking us? Well, Russia has a massive amount of nukes and if it really wanted to get us, it would not even care that we have a few missiles, it means nothing. Secondly, if we were in a situation where that button was pressed, it would mean our utter destruction by the enemies that we will make from that launch. Either way we are still at risk of being destroyed, only if you have Trident you can millions of innocence in the process. Another argument against the scrapping of Trident’s renewal is that there are so many jobs dependant on Trident. This is false as the MOD has revealed that only 520 Faslane jobs are dependant on trident. With 167 billion pounds in our pockets, i think we can find some other jobs of an equal calibre for the people who will lose their occupation.

We don’t need Trident. What we need is more money being put into public expenditure. We need to invigorate our economy through the people who actually spend within it, the middle-to-low earners. 167 billion pounds could massively help our economy, it is money that could be saved from being wasted and used to help us, the people. The people in the PLP who are vocally for Trident should see this. They should look at the fact that we have a real problem in our society that needs to be dealt with now. A housing bubble ready to pop, a crisis in government investment into infrastructure and vital institutions, and the unfair bottom up redistribution of wealth from poor to rich by the present Tory government. These are problems that will affect us before the nonexistent threat from Russia. We are still threatened now and we have the nukes we profess to stop this threat, they don’t. The PLP, especially the shadow cabinet need to get behind Corbyn on this one. Corbyn’s discussion with his cabinet ministers yesterday, telling them to air their views privately not publically, was one step towards Corbyn’s acceptance as Labour leader. He has collected a lot of stick for telling them to shut it, but if you are on the shadow cabinet, you should tow the party line. Corbyn is the democratically elected leader of the Labour party and what he says should go.

We need to make sure everybody knows the risks of Trident and its trade-off with our social needs. We need to make sure that we oppose it at every level and make sure that people are not sucked into the trap of false security. The world is a dangerous place, whether you have nukes or not. We are only helping to make it even more dangerous by keeping trident and posing a threat to other countries. Let’s not point the gun at very powerful nations, they can point an even bigger one in our direction. We need everyone in Britain to come together and oppose Trident and its effects.

The row over Corbyn’s bow – Who is really patriotic?

On Sunday, the cenotaph fell silent. It fell silent in remembrance for all those who have lost their lives in wars. Wars that have been ignited out of the greed and corruption that politics can bring. Personally, i do not wear a poppy during this time, I believe it is a symbol that has been hijacked by our politicians to justify our involvement in wars prior to WW2. I believe that the ‘poppy fascism’ is a disgrace to those people who have died so needlessly because of war. I do not wear the poppy because i do not agree with war. I do not agree with unnecessary war and i believe that most of our involvement in wars post 1945 were absolutely unnecessary. However, I do still give money to the sellers of these poppies as I absolutely feel for everyone who has seen the hardships and suffered the consequences of politicians chucking our children, family and friends into war and terror. On Sunday, I was humbled. I was, as ever, reflecting. Sunday was a day that we remember our past to make sure that we never repeat it. To make sure that we never let mindless politicians throw a whole generation away through unnecessary war.

The group of political leaders shadowed by former Prime Ministers was also quite an interesting mix of people. People with blood on their hands. People who some should never have even been invited. Only the leader of the Labour party and the leader of the SNP are people whose hands are clean.

Now, the biggest thing to come out of this ceremony was the bow row. Jeremy Corbyn did bow, whatever anyone says. He bowed in a decent manner, and showed the utmost respect for those who have fallen. His note was in itself humbling, saying that we should all resolve in securing peace. It is a massive shame that the Sun have latched onto this story, and are again, portraying Corbyn as unpatriotic. This is a man who does not want to throw innocent lives away for no apparent reason. This is a man who wants to make sure that the veterans of these wars are fully supported. This is a man who will not incite war and violence to others and will never look to war as his first option. Jeremy Corbyn was the only real patriotic leader at the cenotaph on Sunday. Blair has masses of our soldiers’ blood on his hands, as do Major and Brown. Along with the PM who wants to get ourselves tangled into another middle eastern affair with Syria. These people want war, they do not care about the scores of people who will die, they just want to try to prove that Britain is still great. They are a disgrace to all those needless lives that have been thrown away because of our establishment, using lies, deceit and manipulation.

David Cameron got no slack on Sunday. He was presented by the media as being respectful and patriotic. Lies. The Tories and Cameron have led a campaign that has forgotten our most needy and is only looking to the most greedy. Cameron sacked 30,000 troops, putting them out of a job and ignores th 9,000 ex-servicemen that are homeless and have nowhere to go. We are a country that allows this to happen. We allow a man who couldn’t give a damn about the suffering, the struggles of war, to be called patriotic and respectful. In the end, the establishment don’t see the effects of their failures in foreign policy, the ordinary working people do. People who did not choose for their sons, fathers, mothers, daughters and partners to be marched to their deaths. We can not let him get away with this con. Jeremy Corbyn is the only one who will really ensure that our friends and families will not be devastated by the atrocities of war. Corbyn, after the ceremony, went to speak with and watch the veterans, while others went to the Home Office for a VIP event. He was the only leader that stayed to pay his respects. He is the only leader that cares. Whatever the media say, they will never destroy that fact. Corbyn cares about Britain.

We have seen how the media can try to destroy anyone who opposes them. We have seen what the press can do to distort a story. We have to stand firm and make sure that we never repeat the atrocities of the past, and we hold those to account who have deceived us, lied to us and cheated us out of a peaceful life of hope, not fear. Of love, not hate, of peace, not war.

Nationalism – Helping the Tories win

Nationalism is a problem that we are facing in our country. It is something that is created from desperate situations, where we think we can’t do anything but blame others for our plight. Nationalism breeds division, it nurtures and cultivates divisions between cultures, countries and individuals. We are seeing a massive rise in nationalistic thoughts within the UK today. With UKIP getting quite a lot of votes in may and the SNP domination the General Elections in Scotland, we face a crisis. A crisis, that the Tories love. They know that if they make our society even worse, we turn to nationalistic tendencies. These tendencies mean we don’t blame the real people for the problems we face, we blame immigrants, or in the SNP’s case, they blame England.

Nationalism worked for the Nazis, they were able to divide Germany during a major crisis. I am not saying the SNP are Nazis, but they are getting their votes from the divisions caused by the Tories. They say that we are divided and this is why they move towards nationalism, but really, they are deepening the divide. On Scotland, they have had quite a rough time at the hands of Labour and the Tories and we may probably never see them return to the fold. They have every right to hate Westminster, i do too. What they should not do is turn their backs on it, they need to help change it. Change it in a way that we can get rid of the divisions the Tories are pushing on our society, and make way for a government that stands up for all of us, not just England, not just Scotland, but the United Kingdom. In my view the only government that can do this is a Labour one. The SNP may be doing okay for Scotland, other than some of their policies which are not really anti-austerity; but they are not an ends, just the means to this ends. The means to defying the Tories, the ends is Labour. Now you may see me as just another LAbour supporter who wants to rule Scotland from Westminster, but i don’t. I think that Scotland should get massive devolution, but we should all stick together instead of divide. If Scotland really was left-wing then it would see the need for unity instead of division against the Tories. The SNP are not needed any more, Labour is no longer the party it was, and it will be even more of a left wing movement by the time we come to vote. What Scotland needs to choose is division, or unity.

UKIP is something different, i have too much to say about what i believe about Farage and his disgusting excuse of a party, they use nationalism to point their guns at immigrants instead of the government. I will not write about these views i have about UKIP here as there is a lot i have against them, i will have to devote a whole post to them.

In the end we need to choose between an ideology of nationalism, division and Tory rule or an ideology of hope, unity and solidarity. We can’t let the Tories encourage the divisions of which they can use to conquer, we need to full those divisions with strength and only then can we really beat the Tories.

It is hard being on the left.

It seems to me that being a right-winger is the easy option today. It is easy to accept social norms, it is easy to comply with what is considered “moderate” in the public eye. But really, what is the public eye? It is the media. With our newspapers and news channels taking a right-wing view on everything, it is easy to not see through them. To take everything that you are given and believe what you are told. The followers of the right are – in my opinion – either absolutely selfish or absolutely indoctrinated. Therefore, in a country so filled with misinterpreted information, it is very easy to see why someone would be a follower of the right. Moreover, this is probably why we in Britain have had 35 years of this indoctrination and have allowed our oppressors to pass over the baton of power to ever increasingly right wing governments.

It was becoming more and more difficult to be a left-winger as the country was becoming more and more right-wing (note how i say ‘was’ as i think this has changed significantly with the election of Corbyn). It is still quite hard to be a leftist even today. There is no real mainstream left media platform out there for us, and we are usually equated to the USSR, and the Bolsheviks. Just as a side, what we saw in Russia from 1917 to 1989 was not Communism, it was state capitalism. The Bolsheviks even themselves rejected many of Marx’s essential points. To say that they have anything to do with the founder of Marxism is a shame on us all. So when Cameron replies to Corbyn by calling him a Communist or a Marxist, he is the epitome of how hard it is to be a left winger. With the constant miss-representation of left-wing politics and Marxism, we can’t win.

What we on the left subscribe to is not oppressive, it is not a system that provides inequality. The left is a place where we inspire hope, where we want to provide for everyone and make sure that we are all equal. The right-wing media and many politicians have used their spin to make us believe that we are trying to repeat what the Bolsheviks did in 1917, but we are not. Personally, i think that we don’t need a revolution, but an evolution. We need to see drastic change, but through democratic means. I believe that most of us agree with this. We, ultimately believe in solidarity and creating a mass movement that can be used as a vehicle for the changes we wish to bring to our society. What the left also seems to have a problem with sometimes is division. Let’s not divide against the real enemy. All that is going to do is put us even further away from where we want to be, in power.

We now have a chance, an opportunity to get where we want. Corbyn has defied the odds through getting elected on an anti-austerity platform. He is a socialist leader of a mainstream party, he is a miracle of politics. But people are against us, many have aims that would be fractured if we did get into power. They will do anything to bring the fall of Corbyn. They are people in high places, people who have vested interests in the establishment, they are strong and powerful people. But we can be strong too. We, if we defy the right-wing policy of division, can also be strong and powerful. If we get together in a show of strength against the establishment, we will prevail. We will destroy these vested interests and instead create a society that is equal. It is hard being on the left, but we have a massive opportunity with Corbyn, one we can’t let slip away. We need to destroy those vested interests against us through democratic means. We need to stop this government that is ready to destroy everything we hold dear. Only socialism can save us now.

Shadow Cabinet Coup – Will it work?

The ‘moderate’ front benchers in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet are apparently ready to go ahead with a mass resignation in order to try to decrease support for Corbyn and force another leadership election.

These moderates are not moderate at all. They are red Tories. They are making Jeremy Corbyn seem unelectable in the public eye. All as an attempt to get what they want, after a leadership election spoke volumes of how the membership want the Labour party to change. Basically, a mass throwing of toys out of their prams. They can not understand that their politics, the politics of spin, lies and Tory policies dressed up in a red tie; is dead. Jeremy Corbyn won 60% of the membership’s vote. If the Blairites try and go through with deposing Corbyn, those members will be their biggest hurdle. The Labour party is democratic, but the Blairites only recognise that when they are winning. Democracy is not subjective, it is what it is and there is no changing it. Therefore their plans, if they are true, are a disgrace to democracy.

My feelings on this mass resignation are quite pleased. I say let them do it. Let them force another leadership election and let us show them that they can not disrupt the democratic process by trying to transcend the public. The Blairites won’t gain control of a party whose members are so very much behind Corbyn. They are living in la la land if they think that they can in any way disregard that 60% of the membership. Members that will campaign for Labour, but not another New Labour. Once Corbyn has been elected again to the leadership, he then needs to give them an ultimatum. Walk out if the door, or get behind him. I believe an attempted coup will only strengthen Corbyn’s rule.

What we need to do is make sure that these so-called ‘moderates’ are aware that the membership has spoken, and they will continue to speak. New Labour is dead, Blairism is dead, they should accept Corbyn or leave. Let’s make sure they know who we support.