Nationalism – Helping the Tories win

Nationalism is a problem that we are facing in our country. It is something that is created from desperate situations, where we think we can’t do anything but blame others for our plight. Nationalism breeds division, it nurtures and cultivates divisions between cultures, countries and individuals. We are seeing a massive rise in nationalistic thoughts within the UK today. With UKIP getting quite a lot of votes in may and the SNP domination the General Elections in Scotland, we face a crisis. A crisis, that the Tories love. They know that if they make our society even worse, we turn to nationalistic tendencies. These tendencies mean we don’t blame the real people for the problems we face, we blame immigrants, or in the SNP’s case, they blame England.

Nationalism worked for the Nazis, they were able to divide Germany during a major crisis. I am not saying the SNP are Nazis, but they are getting their votes from the divisions caused by the Tories. They say that we are divided and this is why they move towards nationalism, but really, they are deepening the divide. On Scotland, they have had quite a rough time at the hands of Labour and the Tories and we may probably never see them return to the fold. They have every right to hate Westminster, i do too. What they should not do is turn their backs on it, they need to help change it. Change it in a way that we can get rid of the divisions the Tories are pushing on our society, and make way for a government that stands up for all of us, not just England, not just Scotland, but the United Kingdom. In my view the only government that can do this is a Labour one. The SNP may be doing okay for Scotland, other than some of their policies which are not really anti-austerity; but they are not an ends, just the means to this ends. The means to defying the Tories, the ends is Labour. Now you may see me as just another LAbour supporter who wants to rule Scotland from Westminster, but i don’t. I think that Scotland should get massive devolution, but we should all stick together instead of divide. If Scotland really was left-wing then it would see the need for unity instead of division against the Tories. The SNP are not needed any more, Labour is no longer the party it was, and it will be even more of a left wing movement by the time we come to vote. What Scotland needs to choose is division, or unity.

UKIP is something different, i have too much to say about what i believe about Farage and his disgusting excuse of a party, they use nationalism to point their guns at immigrants instead of the government. I will not write about these views i have about UKIP here as there is a lot i have against them, i will have to devote a whole post to them.

In the end we need to choose between an ideology of nationalism, division and Tory rule or an ideology of hope, unity and solidarity. We can’t let the Tories encourage the divisions of which they can use to conquer, we need to full those divisions with strength and only then can we really beat the Tories.

It is hard being on the left.

It seems to me that being a right-winger is the easy option today. It is easy to accept social norms, it is easy to comply with what is considered “moderate” in the public eye. But really, what is the public eye? It is the media. With our newspapers and news channels taking a right-wing view on everything, it is easy to not see through them. To take everything that you are given and believe what you are told. The followers of the right are – in my opinion – either absolutely selfish or absolutely indoctrinated. Therefore, in a country so filled with misinterpreted information, it is very easy to see why someone would be a follower of the right. Moreover, this is probably why we in Britain have had 35 years of this indoctrination and have allowed our oppressors to pass over the baton of power to ever increasingly right wing governments.

It was becoming more and more difficult to be a left-winger as the country was becoming more and more right-wing (note how i say ‘was’ as i think this has changed significantly with the election of Corbyn). It is still quite hard to be a leftist even today. There is no real mainstream left media platform out there for us, and we are usually equated to the USSR, and the Bolsheviks. Just as a side, what we saw in Russia from 1917 to 1989 was not Communism, it was state capitalism. The Bolsheviks even themselves rejected many of Marx’s essential points. To say that they have anything to do with the founder of Marxism is a shame on us all. So when Cameron replies to Corbyn by calling him a Communist or a Marxist, he is the epitome of how hard it is to be a left winger. With the constant miss-representation of left-wing politics and Marxism, we can’t win.

What we on the left subscribe to is not oppressive, it is not a system that provides inequality. The left is a place where we inspire hope, where we want to provide for everyone and make sure that we are all equal. The right-wing media and many politicians have used their spin to make us believe that we are trying to repeat what the Bolsheviks did in 1917, but we are not. Personally, i think that we don’t need a revolution, but an evolution. We need to see drastic change, but through democratic means. I believe that most of us agree with this. We, ultimately believe in solidarity and creating a mass movement that can be used as a vehicle for the changes we wish to bring to our society. What the left also seems to have a problem with sometimes is division. Let’s not divide against the real enemy. All that is going to do is put us even further away from where we want to be, in power.

We now have a chance, an opportunity to get where we want. Corbyn has defied the odds through getting elected on an anti-austerity platform. He is a socialist leader of a mainstream party, he is a miracle of politics. But people are against us, many have aims that would be fractured if we did get into power. They will do anything to bring the fall of Corbyn. They are people in high places, people who have vested interests in the establishment, they are strong and powerful people. But we can be strong too. We, if we defy the right-wing policy of division, can also be strong and powerful. If we get together in a show of strength against the establishment, we will prevail. We will destroy these vested interests and instead create a society that is equal. It is hard being on the left, but we have a massive opportunity with Corbyn, one we can’t let slip away. We need to destroy those vested interests against us through democratic means. We need to stop this government that is ready to destroy everything we hold dear. Only socialism can save us now.

Shadow Cabinet Coup – Will it work?

The ‘moderate’ front benchers in Corbyn’s shadow cabinet are apparently ready to go ahead with a mass resignation in order to try to decrease support for Corbyn and force another leadership election.

These moderates are not moderate at all. They are red Tories. They are making Jeremy Corbyn seem unelectable in the public eye. All as an attempt to get what they want, after a leadership election spoke volumes of how the membership want the Labour party to change. Basically, a mass throwing of toys out of their prams. They can not understand that their politics, the politics of spin, lies and Tory policies dressed up in a red tie; is dead. Jeremy Corbyn won 60% of the membership’s vote. If the Blairites try and go through with deposing Corbyn, those members will be their biggest hurdle. The Labour party is democratic, but the Blairites only recognise that when they are winning. Democracy is not subjective, it is what it is and there is no changing it. Therefore their plans, if they are true, are a disgrace to democracy.

My feelings on this mass resignation are quite pleased. I say let them do it. Let them force another leadership election and let us show them that they can not disrupt the democratic process by trying to transcend the public. The Blairites won’t gain control of a party whose members are so very much behind Corbyn. They are living in la la land if they think that they can in any way disregard that 60% of the membership. Members that will campaign for Labour, but not another New Labour. Once Corbyn has been elected again to the leadership, he then needs to give them an ultimatum. Walk out if the door, or get behind him. I believe an attempted coup will only strengthen Corbyn’s rule.

What we need to do is make sure that these so-called ‘moderates’ are aware that the membership has spoken, and they will continue to speak. New Labour is dead, Blairism is dead, they should accept Corbyn or leave. Let’s make sure they know who we support.

Prime Minister’s Questions? more like Prime Minister’s Diversions.

Yesterday’s PMQs was in my opinion a win for Corbyn. It was also a win for the people of Britain. David Cameron is trying very hard to mask his utter contempt for the leader of the opposition, but he is failing. This is not necessarily a good thing for Cameron as he is starting to use PMQs just to attack Corbyn instead of answering him.

When faced with real worries that normal people have about society, Cameron just does not answer the question. When told about people’s worries of another winter crisis in the NHS, he decided to slander the labour party, calling it Trotskyist, Marxist, and Communist. The prime minister still won’t tell us if the 4.6 million people who use tax credits will be worse off next year. Instead of answering this question, Corbyn was laughed at and jeered at by the Conservatives. They are showing their true colours, they are showing his ignorant they are. They laugh at other people’s plight, they jeer at our worries, and they don’t even let Corbyn speak. They are out of touch, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

I do, however have one slight criticism of Corbyn. He lets them walk all over him. It is so sad to see him just let the Prime Minister off when he slanders him and the policies he has. Corbyn never bites back, he never tries to score some points with the prime minister. He does not have to sink into a personality slander tennis match, but he needs to reply with facts, with truths, and with a bit of ferocity. I love he thought of the new style of PMQs, but it just lets the prime minister off of the hook. Corbyn needs to attack the prime minister and hold him account for what he and his party are doing to our country.

I absolutely admire how Corbyn can remain charm when those ignorant, vile and disgraceful Conservatives jeer at him, I certainly couldn’t. But the Leader of the opposition needs to get back at Cameron. He needs to show him that we will not stand for spin and indoctrination. He needs to make sure he never lets the prime minister score political points. He can still keep the integrity of the new PMQs, but with a bit more of a back-and-forth.

Unfair redistribution of wealth in the UK – The Truth

George Osborne has led a successful campaign to rob the poorest of their money and give it to the rich and powerful in our society. There is a social change in the UK, one that only brings about the widening of the chasm that is apparent in British society between the upper and lower classes. A campaign led by our chancellor in a bid to redistribute our wealth from the bottom to the top, crippling the most vulnerable, and strengthening the most powerful. It is the old trick of divide and destroy. I have spoken about this bottom up redistribution of wealth prior to this, but i would like to put it into context. We are being deceived by Osborne in our country’s prosperity, and in the words of John McDonnell; the chancellor’s policies are not leading to a recovery, but in fact a robbery. Instead of making work pay, the Tories are making the workers pay. But for what? For the enrichment of the upper classes in our society.

The Chancellor’s policies to award the mega-wealthy are an attack on our democracy. corporation tax has been reduced from 28-18% to the tune of an 8bn pound loss for the country, showing tCat the Conservatives are more committed to helping their friends in big business than they are the people who need help the most. This, coupled with the Capital Gains Tax relief which gives us a loss of 5bn pounds, highlights how companies are being allowed to exploit our workers, and get a nice big subsidy in the meantime. A tax cut on millionaires from 50-45%, increase in the inheritance tax threshold (1m) are even more examples of the lies we are being fed. What this shows is that we have elected a Government that is running for the businesses, and not for the people. It is putting profit before our people and the most powerful before the most vulnerable. We are having money taken out of a pot that could fund the NHS, public services, or our welfare state. Money that is being given to the businesses and super-rich in our society. Not only is the Chancellor awarding the rich for being rich, but he is also punishing the poor for being poor.

The tax credit cuts will take 4.5 bn out of people’s hands. Money that will be used to stimulate demand, to buy things and to make sure that people are not starving or freezing because of the lack of a real living wage in our society. This money is not just going, but it is being put into the aforementioned rewards to the rich, helping fund the reduction in corporation tax. Sick and disabled people are facing a 30% cut in their employment and support allowance. Meaning they will no longer be able to afford their needs and will be pushed into destitution and poverty. These are the most vulnerable in our society, these are the people who need our support, that can’t provide for themselves and need some help. These are people who a Government should be putting money into, making  sure that they are not at a disadvantage because of their situations, yet our Government takes money they need away from them. Yet our Government decides to fund the rich instead of the needy. The DWP will also be placing their goons in food banks as employment advisors, making the poor feel guilty for a situation that they can not change. These are desperate people, they need us, but we are not there. People are being destroyed, they are being robbed and they are being lied to by the Conservatives. We are seeing a massive increase in social inequality, under the coalition government, food banks rose by 400%, people are in need, they are desperate; and this is all due to the Government. People are in destitution, they are being thrust deeper into poverty, but as a result of the Government’s failure to invest in us, the people. Instead they give handouts to the top.

We are being lied to, Osborne and his Tories are robbing from the poor in order to fund their friends. It is wrong, it is a betrayal of the working people of the UK and something must change. We are never going to see a real recovery for the working people, if we don’t end the robbery of wealth from the working people. Let’s get together against them. Let’s tell the public of their deception.

The Blairites – Their attempts of a coup will not work

Today showed the rifts that the Labour party still faces from within. Rifts that are created by the people who should be preaching unity against the Tories. Tristam Hunt MP spoke at Cambridge University today about the situation that Labour is in. He said that it was ‘in the s**t’ and that the people he was addressing (The Cambridge Labour Club) were ‘The 1% who must take charge’. This is something that we should never hear from a Labour MP’s mouth, this is Tory speak.

Hunt has destroyed any credibility he once had. He has shown us that him and the Tories are actually not to distant in their beliefs. Labour is a party for the working people, it was created to protect them, and to represent them as much as is possible. However we lost our way through the Blair-Brown years. We became just as Tory as the Tories. But now, under Corbyn, we have found our values, and we should not be ashamed of that. We are being led by a leader that is not a member of the elite, that is not a member of the Oxbridge club nor is he a member of the ‘1%’. We have a leader that can represent the working class, and Hunt does not like this. Hunt would much rather us all be ruled by the elite, he must hate the fact that Labour has gone against his, and many other ideologies of class and the absence of a social ladder. Corbyn has broken all expectations, he has defied the blairites in his party, and he has accumulated a backing from the public, who need and want change.

What is Tristam Hunt playing at? Does he not understand that the time of an elitist labour is over? That we now are represented by someone who can represent us and has not led a privileged life or been protected by the hardships of society. Tristam Hunt is going against everything Labour stands for and frankly, he seems to have a very big sense of self-worth. Well Mr Hunt, you are nothing. You and the blairites that back you are throwing your toys out of the plan because you can no longer control the public. You can no longer deceive us into thinking that you will provide an equal and fair society. The Labour party membership has spoken, so start doing your job and listen to them. I really do believe that Hunt and his other cronies should be deselected next time round if they carry on with their betrayal of their own party.

The whole problem with the people who are speaking out against LAbour from the inside is that they are hypocrites. They say how bad Corbyn will be, how bad he will fail and constantly undermine him, when at the same time they are saying that the problem with Corbyn is that he has created a major rift in the party. How can you be even mor ignorant. The only reason Labour is being broken into two, is because you are constantly, publicly undermining our leader. People like Tristam Hunt are a threat to the security of the Labour party more so than Corbyn could ever be. My message to them is they should shut up, or they should be de-selected.

All of these people who are speaking out against Corbyn have only been seen to be getting abuse from others and their popularity has taken a toll. It seems that these Blairite coup attempts never work. They tried it before Corbyn’s election, by getting major figures to speak out against him, and it only increased Corbyn’s popularity. They are trying to do this again, and it will fail. These MPs should stop being so public, and if they do want to be public about it, they should leave our party. Stop destroying our party before we can function. We need the backing of all Labour MPs, only then can we really call us the Party that stands up for democracy, the working people and equality.

Redistribution of wealth – They are doing it the wrong way round!

Austerity is something that we have not really seen in Britain. We march against it, we blog about it, and we accuse Cameron and Osborne of it, but really, we have not had a lot of it. The Tories are cutting many things, from tax credits to benefits, but they are not achieving one of their main goals, to get the deficit down. What they are doing, however, is a major change in the dominion of wealth. They are taking part in a mass redistribution of wealth.

I love the thought of redistributing wealth around our economy so that we do not have the richest five families in the UK having dominion over 20% of the UK’s wealth. I love the thought that we should not have people unable to feed their children, to heat their houses and that they should be able to afford these basic needs. Redistribution of wealth is an idea that i think is essential to undoing the misery, the pain and the destitution that has been pushed on the most vulnerable in our society over the past 30 years. The Tories are redistributing wealth around our economy, they are moving it from one part of our society to the other just as i advocate. But not exactly. The Tories are, instead of taking just a fraction of the wealth from the rich, from the most wealthy and secure, they are taking it from the aforementioned most vulnerable and needy in our society. They are cutting tax credits in order to fund their changes to inheritance tax which will allow the most wealthy to pay less tax, and in some cases pay none on their money. They are cutting expenditure on our police force, at the same time that they are decreasing corporation tax. They have stopped the renovation of hundreds and hundreds of schools, whilst at the same time they were putting more than a third of our GDP into the banks, leading to nothing but big banker’s bonuses, and an increase in the price of bank owned assets. This is what we are fighting against when we say no more austerity. This is what is causing social divides, what is destroying people’s lives, and what is leaving them nothing but cold, unfed children who they can not afford to keep. It is the Tories’ ideologically driven redistribution of wealth that is causing a class war between the mega-rich, and the mega-poor.

It is in these times that we need to start thinking about how we can help our economy, instead of cripple it like the Tories are doing at the moment. We need some Keynesian economics. We need to invest in infrastructure, we need to make sure people are being paid a proper living wage, and we need to control exorbitant prices of housing.

We need to make a massive change in our economical attitude. It is not destroying the most needy and vulnerable that will help us recover, it is making sure that these people are getting what they need and are able to provide for their families. It is putting them in a secure house, with a secure job and have secure prices. It is making sure that there is equality in our society instead of class war. It is a change like this that we need, if we are to see the end of destitution, of class war. And the only people who are able to bring this change on such a scale is Labour. We need to make sure that we do not let the Tories cloud us with their spin and propaganda. We need to fight against this unequal ideology that the poor must suffer and the rich must thrive in order for an economic recovery. Austerity does not work. It may work for the Conservatives with their agenda to divide and destroy. But it does not work for the millions of people who are struggling to get their basic needs. We need to help them instead of the ones who wish to destroy us. Let’s get some change, after 30 years of utter torment. Maybe then, we can have an equal society, and we can have a country that is not plummeting into more and more debt. Two things that the Tories are yet to do.