What happened to remembrance?

It has only been a week since we were meant to be remembering the fallen in so many unnecessary wars. Yet we are now getting ready to start another. ISIS are a disgusting organisation, they are horrific and they should be wiped out. But bombs and troops will not do this.

Our foreign policy in the middle has failed, we are not peacekeepers, but war-makers. ISIS are an ideology. Ideologies will not be destroyed by physical means, we need to destroy the mentality. This requires an alternative for the Syrian people. Not oppression vs oppression. We need to create a settlement that means Syria becomes a state that is properly democratic. ISIS will only be wiped out if we stop creating divisions against ourselves and start providing unity to all. If there is one thing that they must hate, it is unity.

A war is only the elite’s excuse to send other peoples sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and family off to war. We can not let our past mistakes repeat themselves. War does not work. It will never work, we need an alternative.

David Cameron has come out today and announced a commons vote to bomb Syria. This is horrific. We are not going to be bombing ISIS, but thousands of innocent lives. Lives that the west seems not to care about. What happens if we do this is that the people who have seen their relations destroyed by us, will either join ISIS, or flee from them into Europe. We are creating our own problems so that our governments can use these problems to get their ultimate goal, instability. With unity, not only can we defeat ISIS, but we can also defeat their funders, the West.

I hate religion personally, I think it is only another way of control over the masses. But I do not hate people who are religious. Muslims are being subjected to absolute hatred by the West. This is what they want. They want us to divide against muslims, against anyone. They can fill this divide with hatred and tension against us and can recruit through it. We need to show them that they do not represented the muslims, and they will never make us react as if we are them.

A week ago we seemed to understand our failures. We seemed to know that in these situations war does not work, only fans flame the already blowing flames of war. We need not to forget that so close to remembrance, instead we need to unite in democracy and show them that ISIS shall not destroy and divide us, but will only make us stronger in our ideology of peace and hope. We can’t let our MP’s vote on the fate of thousands of people. War is never the best or only option. Just an option that suits the elite.


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