The Labour Party – The Magic Money Tree Party?

After the speeches from The Leader of The Opposition and the Shadow Chancellor during the Labour Conference, questions have been raised by the Tories and the general public about where the money is going to come from. One man said that Corbyn thinks there is ‘a magic money tree’ and went on to say that we can’t afford the policies that Labour are proposing. Well, where is the money going to come from, and are the Labour party just going to pile more debt onto our country through their plans?

Firstly, there is a magic money tree! It has been found, but not by the Labour party, By the Tories. This magic money tree has a more common term of the Bank of England. The conservatives are using this tree to fund everything they do. 375 billion pounds were spent on quantitative easing of the banks in 2010. Where did the Tories get this money? Their magic money tree. The use of this magic money tree has resulted in furthering the deficit, breaking a promise made by George Osborne to the British public. At the same time of the Tories frequent printing of money to chuck into banks, they told us, and still tell us that the country ‘has no money’, this is how they justify their despicable, vindictive tax credit cuts to the most vulnerable families in our society. This is wrong. Quantitative easing of the banks is wrong. The governments excuse for austerity is wrong.

Now here is where Jeremy Corbyn differs from the Tories. We print money, we use this magic money tree already. The question of where will the money come from to fund Labour’s ideas is irrelevant. We wasted £375bn on banks in 2010, think of what just a quarter of that could do to help our society. Corbyn proposes quantitative easing, but to use this money to invest in infrastructure within our country. Not only will this create better roads, better rails and better services and housing in our country, it will be money that we can see. No more of the trickle down economics of the Tories. Why not put the money where it is most needed. These suggestions would help alleviate the housing crisis in Britain, put people in jobs and essentially make money for Britain. Only investment into our services will allow our people to prosper from this money. More people will be in jobs, meaning less money will have to be taken out to spend on social welfare, added on, the fact that these people in jobs will be bringing the UK money through taxes. This is why the question of where will the money come from is not needed in this debate. Wherever it does come from, the money will be worth it in the long run and through this the Labour party would be able to reduce the deficit through these investments. Just as FDR did through the Great Depression in the USA, and also just as the Labour party did after the war when we had a debt that eclipsed the one that we have today, investment is key to reinvigorate the economy.

The Labour party are not deficit deniers, they want to get rid of it, but not at the expense of the most vulnerable and deprived people in our society, not even at the expense of businesses. These plans would help businesses as they would be commissioned, by the government to create these new projects. Labour is showing to the electorate that it wants a fairer solution to the deficit. It will not continue the ideologically driven cuts that the Tories have so poisonously implemented upon the British public. It will never try and incite class war upon our society and it will strive to make politics a much kinder process towards the oppressed.

What strikes me with these questions of where the money will come from is that the British public seem to be more interested in financial administration than they do on the general well-being and equality in our society. I put a question to the electorate; would you rather live in a country that makes sure we are always in a budget surplus at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society? Or would you prefer for our country to have jobs, to be happy and to have equal opportunities, even if it means that we have to go into a defect in the short term? I would easily choose the latter, sometimes the goodness of society, the equality within it, and the prosperity that a good social system brings outweighs the ‘need’ to ‘get the deficit down’.

George Osborne’s austerity policy is failing. it will continue to fail. Something needs to change, a debate needs to be had, and an election needs to be won. Labour is the only viable option to oppose the Conservative failure in government. We have five years in which they will do anything to cripple the working and middle class, they have started already with the Trade Union Bill and the Tax credit cuts. Opposition is what the UK needs. Corbyn’s Labour is this opposition.


Corbyn – Conviction Politician

Today, Jeremy Corbyn kicks off his first Labour party conference with him as leader. Be ready for a bombardment from the mainstream media against him. The establishment is scared and running from Corbyn’s movement, they do not know how to tackle him, because he is a flawless politician, who speaks truth not spin.

For years, the establishment has run our country, funding politicians and churning out right wing propaganda. These days are coming to an end. Jeremy Corbyn is not this end, but he is a means to it. Through him, the debate can change from one ‘business friendly’ politician to another one, to a truthsayer to a group of unrepresentative, careerist liars.

The wealthiest five families in the UK, own 20% of our wealth between them. How can we as a country function when we see this sort of inequality. The Tories are scamming the country, they are destroying our country, and if we look at the destitution in our country, they are the threat to our national security, not Corbyn. One million families use food banks because they can’t afford to eat. Unemployment is a Tory goal for people, allowing them to create a scapegoat to justify their ideologically driven cuts. Cuts are destroying the public sector and the NHS is at a critical position in it’s life. These, and many other problems, need solving. We can not go on any longer allowing the establishment to use our politicians as puppets, adhering to their every word. We need some conviction in politics. We need more people like the leader of the opposition.

The UK is in a social crisis, a crisis caused by the ideologically driven cuts by the government. They want class war. They want a race to the bottom, and there is only one place we will all end up if we finish that race, the bottom. Let’s give them a fight. Let’s be a party of real political opposition. Let’s show our country how we can become an equal and happy society without the destitution brought by the Tories. We need solidarity and truth to combat their malice and lies.

Austerity – The Lie

This country seems to be full of cuts. Cuts to tax credits, cuts to welfare payments, and cuts to the wages of many public sector workers. People are getting less out of the system, making them worse off and making sure that they stay within their social bracket. All due to the iron fist of George Osborne.

This iron fist obvioulsy does not extend to his rich friends in the city, who after being bailed out by the taxpayer, continue to take, take, take from our economy. With the decrease of corporation tax, essentially, the cuts on needy people who rely on child tax credits, are paying towards the gap that is left behind by giving the businesses more money.

The government has a duty to the country, to it’s people, a duty that they are taking absolute advantage of. They seem to think their duty lies with the businesses and banks, and making sure that they continue to exell. Through quantitative easing of the banks (which involves printing money and giving it to the banks) we give nearly a third of our GDP to banks. In 2010, the government cancelled a scheme to rebuild 715 schools, their excuse was that they had no money. However at the same time they were funneling £375bn into the banks. How is this justifiable? Why did the government give them the vast amounts of money (of which could have massively eliviated the recession) to banks over spending on needy and less well off people. It was because these cuts are not “neccesary cuts”, they are ideological cuts driven by the want to incite class war.

We are being lied to by the malicious elitist Tories. They have climbed up the social ladder, and now they wish to push it down behind them. These cuts are the conservative way of punishing us for not being rich. How can we stand by and watch everything that came out of the post-war leftwing governments, be trampled on in the name if austerity. Our NHS, our social security system, the pension system, all things that were created for the people, by the people. Institutions that were paid for and thrived during a time of crisis after the war, with a defect that eclipses the one we have today. Government spending was what got us out of that crisis, so how can the Tories justify their ideologically driven austerity? We sit by and let the Tories destroy our establishments that have become synonymous with Britain. This is wrong and they should be held to account.

In the next election, the country will have to decide. Do they want to let the Tories continue their class war and push down the social ladder, or do they want a government that will stand up for the people in our society and not allow the poorest in our society to take the brunt of the Tory ideology and have to resort to food banks. Let’s make a change, and stop the conservative class war machine. Now, before we loose what our relatives gave us.

Corbyn’s Labour – The death of Blairism

As an ardent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn’s resounding victory on September 12th, I have been extatic with the new labour leader’s following. He is bringing what would have been seen as decent humane politics in the pre-Thatcher years back into the mainstream. And after 35 years of ‘trickle-down economics’ there has been no trickle down, it has failed.

Corbyn’s victory has highlighted how Britain is fed up of the way our society us run today. A society ready to prey off of the weakest and most vulnerable, demonise the most needy and impoverished and funnel all they can into business and banks claiming the money will be in our pockets soon enough. There is no money in our pockets, our society has yet to see this money.

Corbyn’s policy would be to sidestep the middleman of the banker and give the money to the consumer, who is actually more likely to use it in the economy and less likely of storing it in an offshore bank account.

Corbyn has drummed up a mass off support and been able to galvanize a politically unseen part of the electorate. This gives him a massive mandate on Labour, a party for the people. But the PLP (Parlimentary Labour Party) is going against their new leader, saying they will appose him. By all means, rebel, but when combatting a vile and disgusting government, the PLP, need to understand who is their real opposition and get behind Corbyn in opposing the Tories.

We have seen the death of blairism in the labour party. This has come to a shock to the career politicians in the PLP, but Corbyn’s mandate overrules any of their opposition to him, the party for the people should really respect the will of the people.

Labour, get your act together, brush yourself off and let’s get the Tories out of number 10. Only through strong, stable opposition can you ever wish of getting there.